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Webinar: Blockchain, a Revolution for Everyone?

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Many experts are firmly convinced that blockchain technology will change the world of business in the coming years. This technology will allow the development of disruptive solutions to improve existing business models.

The Huge Letter and Cointribune are back during a webinar on Webikeo on April 5 about the reasons why blockchain can revolutionize various sectors.

How can you use blockchain for your business?

Blockchain is much more than a technology that powers cryptocurrencies. Synonymous with security, transparency and stability, it brings a lot to companies. Among other things, this technology speeds up the verification of transactions. It prevents fraud and cyberattacks in addition to being highly efficient, reliable and secure.

So, is it very important for a company to introduce blockchain technology? Is it time to implement blockchain in your business? Does your business really need a blockchain? Lots of questions the Webikeo webinar on April 5th tried to answer. The speakers, who specialize in the Web3 sector, explain why and how this disruptive technology is being embraced.

To help you understand how blockchain can revolutionize or transform a business, experts explain the basics of the technology before tackling concrete cases in this exciting reboot of the webinar.

The oversized letter and Cointrepone in the opening

Antoine Peltier, Co-Founder and COO of La Huge Letter, opened the festivities alongside Cointribune on April 5 at 9:30 am. The huge message presents itself as “ The media you need to get started with coding! The blog covers a range of topics to help you better understand Web3 and all related products and technologies.

Cointribune is partnering with La Huge Letter to mark the opening of this webinar by addressing the various opportunities that blockchain presents to businesses. Cointribune is the first pure blockchain/crypto media player. The founding team and all the journalists that make up the media cultivate the same desire to educate its visitor community about financing and investing for tomorrow.

Odile Mülheim, Alera School jury, was also one of the speakers. Alera is a blockchain school that offers various courses from 6 to 12 weeks that focus on this technology. The demand for skills in blockchain technology is constantly growing and this type of training center is proving particularly beneficial. Muhlheim is also a tutor in the Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis at University Panthéon-Assas. I spoke alongside La Huge Letter and Cointribune to enlighten you on the topic of blockchain in business.

Blockchain in Business: Attend the webinar for free on Wibikeo

Blockchain: a revolution for everyone? The entire team was on hand to provide you with the answers you will need to implement blockchain in your business. The expert intervention took 40 minutes. The last five minutes are reserved for the audience for a question session.

The webinar was hosted by Wibikeo, a French company that provides free access to video conferencing by experts. Webikeo is the leading French BtoB webinar organizer. Since its inception in 2012, the platform has already managed to support more than 2,500 clients and organize more than 25,000 webinars. Companies can use Webikeo’s services (hosting webinars) for training, to communicate in some other way, or to conduct sales and marketing campaigns. The space can be customized to the image and needs of each company – client.


Because the nature of blockchain is fundamentally different from the current business operating model, the technology still appears to many as an emerging and intimidating concept. Several players in the sector are looking into this issue, including BUSIN3SS, which supports companies in their transition to Web3. Thus, Blockchain technology has many advantages with disruptive use cases for different business sectors. You can learn how and why to integrate blockchain into your operations and create new business models by checking out the Webikeo webinar held on April 5, 2023.

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