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He revealed the cause of Lance Reddick’s death as a heart disease

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Lance Reddick’s cause of death was revealed on his death certificate as heart disease, according to TMZ.

The document is said to list the direct cause of death of the late actor, such as ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

Riddick, best known for his roles on HBO the wire and the John Wick franchise, he died suddenly at the age of 60 on March 17th. He was found dead at his home in Los Angeles and at the time, his publicist revealed that he died of natural causes without providing further details.


Just before his death, Riddick was in the middle of pressing for John Wick Chapter 4. He is set to appear posthumously in the spin-off of the franchise ballet dancer.

Riddick John Wick His co-stars hailed him for wearing blue ribbons to the film’s Los Angeles premiere, with his co-star Keanu Reeves praising him for being “an amazing artist.”

next to the wire And John WickReddick achieved success with outstanding performances LostAnd marginAnd Bushas well as memorable voice roles as Commander Zavala in Saucepan Video Games and Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn And Horizon Forbidden West.


The actor is survived by his wife Stephanie Reddick and children Yvonne Nicole Reddick and Christopher Reddick.

Revisit Reddick’s appearance in 2022 on Kyle Meredith with…in which he discussed his transition from the wire and other dramas to take on more comedy roles in the later years of his career.

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