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Entrepreneurship in 2023: a mathematical challenge?

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Entrepreneurship has never been as popular as it is today. It has already been presented as an opportunity to counter the paradigm shift we are witnessing. Moreover, it is not uncommon to make a comparison with sports, as they have many common qualities, especially in overcoming obstacles. Some emerging models, driven by innovation, even call for this comparison.

Entrepreneur, unparalleled athlete

Environmental, digital, economic, organizational and productivity transformation… Businesses and their leaders live in an era of new constraints and demands with collective awareness around climate and societal emergencies. CSR, ESG … many standards are gradually becoming part of the additional financial landscape, while since the release of Covid they have faced new recruitment difficulties. Therefore, leaders must arm themselves more and more to deal with this labor crisis that attacks them, and today they often see themselves running their business like high-flying athletes. Because in some ways they are. To succeed in motivating and retaining their teams, they must go above and beyond their own performance, inspire, and demonstrate leadership. Driven by a passion for creativity and a demonstrated flair for challenge, they know how to take calculated risks to advance their business. Like athletes, they see failure as an opportunity to grow and become stronger. The entrepreneur also has a thirst for continuous learning in order to acquire new skills in order to improve his expertise. Knows how to adapt to changes and find alternatives. In fact, the concept of agility has become central to his way of managing projects on a daily basis and on a larger scale in his activism.

Renewal through repetition: a key success factor

Entrepreneurship requires knowing how to identify and catch obstacles in order to bounce back better. Athletes are accustomed to this approach, moreover, a certain number of them use this skill to turn themselves into entrepreneurs, such as Tony Parker Who founded the urban clothing brand “Wap Two”, or Taij Khris, former world champion in rollerblading, and now the director of a startup called Onoff. If the resemblance to sports remains strong, it is because entrepreneurship like it calls for repetition, which has become a new angle of attack, especially for large groups keen to capitalize on experience. And so, we’ve seen the startup studio emerge over the past 10 years, which is a new model whose goal is to create startups iteratively. By providing human and financial resources but also thanks to the accumulated experience, they increase the chances of success. Unlike a simple incubator, a studio is an investment vehicle, a prototyping workshop, and an accelerator. It is more beneficial in that it enables entrepreneurship and innovation with controlled risk when the economy is down.

If we are increasingly comparing an entrepreneur to an athlete, it is not without reason. In the face of the many hurdles that permeate his career, it’s clear he must have a certain number of qualities that undoubtedly inspire inspiration, including those big combos. Moreover, the idea of ​​repetition is at the root of a trend that is a safe bet that it will continue to emerge: the start-up studio.

The Tribune by Emmanuel Papadasci-Stefanopoli, Chief Revenue Officer for La Fabrique by CA

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