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Dave’s season 3 premiere was ‘really high stakes,’ according to Lil’ Dicky

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It’s his name and face on the poster, and his life story as a lead-in, but Dave Burd (AKA Lil Dicky) isn’t sure how much he’d like him on FXX. Dave To feel like a resume. “I can just tell you that if I limited myself to just the absolute facts of my life, I think it would be an unnecessary constraint on creativity,” he says. a result On the eve of the third season premiere. “And if you remove facts from my life, they are less authentic. So I think show is at its best when it is most honest, which I think it usually is. Truth is art’s best engine for me.”

Whether it’s a subjective or objective glimpse into Burd’s life, the music-driven comedy gets big with the two-part Season 3 premiere: After Episode 1 features the rapper on tour with his entourage, Episode 2, “Harrison Ave.” About making a music video in Dave’s hometown of Pittsburgh, it’s all set to one steady beat – a new original Lil Dicky track.

“That song was independent of the show, and I loved it. I love the music, I love the rhythm, I love the storytelling,” says Burd of the song that anchors the episode. I think this is a classic song of mine. And I’m glad he got real exposure on the show. It’s easy to look at it, when you’re watching the show, and forget it’s an actual song, you know? And she.”


Harrison Ave. It shows the music video in progress over the course of a long day, while also showing the behind-the-scenes chaos involved in making it, using long, breathless shots. “For all three seasons, we’ve really talked about doing a show where we’re doing a music video,” says Bird. “We’ve been on sets before, but we’ve never actually been offered to make a video. And the quality of the whole season revolves around this idea of ​​me looking for love, and we really wanted to romanticize my origin story. So the song carries a lot of effort into this season, as far as What sets the table for why I am the way I am, and how to make a music video.”

Because of those long aforementioned things, Burd notes, “Harrison Ave.” It was “really high risk”, production-wise. This episode is out of the norm Dave The episode is, he says. “I think the more you bid, the more risky you’re at, like, ‘Let’s try something out of our comfort zone.'” I think episode 9 of season 2 [‘Enlightened Dave’] It inspired me a lot of confidence to do that, because that episode is very different from the one we’re talking about now. But it was out of our comfort zone as a show, and it’s probably my favorite episode of the series so far.”

As he continues, “It gave me a lot of confidence in that [ask] What other risks do I have to take this season? And the music video was a risky one because I think a lot of other shows or movies that do these long, time-consuming things have a lot of rehearsal, and we don’t. We were really getting it, like one morning, and it could have all just hit and miss. All that has to happen is one-person trips, and you’ll spoil three whole minutes of the show. There is literally no room for error. Everyone has to be very alert and on their toes, and their fingerprints – they’re very determined. But we did, and I’m very proud of it.”


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