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world | Forbes 2023 Billionaires Ranking: Bernard Arnault ahead of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

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Exclusive | Forbes reveals the ranking of the 20 richest people in the world. This year, Frenchman Bernard Arnault dethroned Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The planet of billionaires is dominated by the French emperor of luxury. It’s historical. Fourteen Americans, five Europeans, and an Asian share the top twenty spots. Fun reading!

Bernard Arnault

position of the world #1

UP: $211 billion

Bernard Arnault And his family take the highest step on the podium. First European, French, Chairman and CEO of luxury group LVMH, has a fortune estimated at $ 211 billion (compared to 158 in 2022).

Elon Musk

position of the world #2

UP: $180 billion

Elon Musk Give way with fortune $180 billion. Last year, it exceeded $200 billion: fortune has increased largely thanks to the meteoric rise in Tesla’s valuation.

Jeff Bezos

position of the world #3

The drop: $114 billion

The founder of Amazon remains in third place, but his fortune is estimated at $ 114 billion 171 billions of dollars last year, as technology companies took a hit from stock market turmoil.

Jeff Bezos

Ranking of the richest personalities

name Net worth is $1 billion source of wealth citizenship age
Bernard Arnault (and his family) 211,000.00 LVMH France 74
Elon Musk 180,000.00 Tesla, SpaceX United State 51
Jeff Bezos 114,000.00 Amazon United State 59
Larry Ellison 107,000.00 inspiration United State 78
Warren Buffett 106,000.00 Berkshire Hathaway United State 92
Bill Gates 104,000.00 Microsoft United State 67
Michael Blumberg 94,500.00 Bloomberg ll United State 81
Carlos Slim Helu (and his family) 93,000.00 Telecom Mexico City 83
Mukesh Ambani 83,400.00 diverse India 65
Steve Ballmer 80 700.00 Microsoft United State 67
Françoise Bettencourt Myers (and her family) 80,500.00 Loreal France 69
I see the page 79,200.00 Google United State 50
Amancio Ortega 77,300.00 Zara Spain 87
Sergey Brin 76,000.00 Google United State 49
Zhong Shanshan 68,000.00 Drinks and medicines China 68
Mark Zuckerberg 64,400.00 FB United State 38
Charles Koch 59,000.00 Koch Industries United State 87
Julia Koch and family 59,000.00 Koch Industries United State 60
Jim Walton 58,800.00 Walmart United State 74
Rob Walton 57,600.00 Walmart United State 78

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