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Warner Bros.’s Vera Peltician. Discovery Discusses First French Original Film “Le mythomane du Bataclan” and Plans for Streamer in France (Exclusive)

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Don’t expect the original French programming team at Warner Bros. He follows. Discovery follows Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, chasing teen audiences.

The brand’s VP and Head of Original Streaming Production, Vera Peltician, says the independent service arc in France is “on the roadmap” with a slate of “bold, director-led originals.” Max targeted adult audiences online with a well-known HBO brand. »

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Peltekian, who previously worked for 15 years on Chaîne + and played lead roles in critically acclaimed pay TV series such as ‘The Returned’, ‘Spiral’ and ‘Savages’. A four-part series based on the true story of a woman who cheated on the Victims’ Society and quickly became one of its mainstays.

Le Mythomane du Bataclan is currently being filmed in Paris under the direction of Laure Calamy, the versatile actress who won a César Award for Mon âne, mon amant et moi, the hit series Call My Agent, and most recently, Sebastien Marner’s Venice. – Appearing in “Origin of Evil”.

The series begins on the evening of the terrorist attack on the Bataclan Music Hall on November 13, 2015. Christelle, like the rest of the country, is in shock. The next morning, she quickly contacts a group of victims, and when the idea for a survivor support group comes up, Krystle helps bring them back to life. However, it turns out that his connection to the tragedy is not what it seems, threatening to expose a deeper web of lies.

Aspiring director of “The Swarm” and “Acid,” Just Philippot directs the psychological thriller, based on a screenplay by Fanny Bordino, Jean-Baptiste Delafon, Samuel Doe, and Alexandre Kaufman. Bordino and Doe previously worked with Calamy on “The Origin of Evil”. The story is loosely based on Kaufman’s non-fiction book “La Mythomane du Bataclan”. Produced by StudioFact Stories with June Films.

“The combination of the talented young director Just Philippot and the acclaimed wonderful actress Laure Calamy in a thrilling and stunning film is a perfect example of what we want to embody in our French productions,” says Piltichan, adding that Philippot was able to deliver the films. With a strong social dimension before. That’s what we came up with with Le Mythomane du Bataclan “because it talks about social issues through a completely bizarre story,” she says.

Peltekian says the series, like other originals in development, will be released on Warner Bros. Pictures. Independent discovery instead of Amazon Prime Video. The company’s programming is currently distributed in France on Prime Video through its Warner Pass offering, but the president of Warner Bros. Discovery Priya Dogra told EMEA: “France is a key region for us in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It says the banner is “looking forward to launching our streaming service there at the appropriate time.”

Beltikian says his ambition is to “create high-quality content that is global, unique and enduring” in France. She cited Spain as another strategic market where the service is investing in local content.

France is a key European market for a number of reasons, says Peltishan, noting that “having well-established subscriber services confirms an appetite for drama and talent.” It also notes the “natural connections between talent working in film and television”. Peltician is well positioned to capitalize on this trend, having been born on Canal + working on director-led shows such as “The Savages,” directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, or “The Returned,” created by Fabrice Joubert.

Warner Bros. Peltkian says: Discovery is primarily looking for recurring series that are based on today’s world and look at society in a different way. She cited “The White Lotus” as an example of an HBO flagship show that is complex and combines many contemporary themes.

“We want to create high-quality textual content for an adult audience, and by that I don’t mean people over 50,” she says. “France has a lot of streaming services, but we have a big hit because this adult audience has been left out.”

Peltkian’s team, which now includes Clémentine Popin for screenwriting and Elodie Font for documentaries, is developing a series with the idea of ​​a “regular production every month”, in the short term. He also said that the banner will comply with the French decree, which means that it will invest 20% of its domestic revenue in French content and co-productions, as well as third-party content. However, it will not be required to meet these requirements in its first year, as it will not reach the required critical size. Meanwhile, WBD will reveal details of its US release on April 12th.

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