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Twitter’s new certification removes the distinction between paid followers and “verified” users

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On Sunday, April 2, Twitter introduced a new designation for verified badge accounts that no longer distinguishes paid accounts from Twitter accounts that were verified prior to CEO Elon Musk’s policy change.

All accounts with a blue badge now display the following notification: “This account is approved because it is a Twitter Blue subscriber or because it was approved through the legacy system.”

The social network previously had separate badges to distinguish between “previously verified” accounts and Twitter Blue subscriber accounts. Twitter has not issued a statement about this change however Elon Musk to reaction To Tweet about it using a comforting emoji.

The news received mixed reactions from users, with some Confirming This new policy will make the accounts of potential imitators more convincing. This change comes one day after Twitter Deleted Badges from old verified accounts that are not Twitter Blue followers.

Although the platform’s latest change makes it more difficult to distinguish between users whose identity has been verified by the social network and those who have earned the badge by paying eight dollars a month, many users have already posted workarounds to circumvent this new measure. Twitter search function always allowed Users filter out old verified accounts and paid verified accounts, while some browser extensions still allow users to distinguish between the two types of accounts.

This latest change comes a day after Twitter started removing certification badges from older verified accounts. the Washington Post She mentioned that the social network lacked an automatic solution to remove all old verified accounts from their badges, as the original verification process was manual and relied on an Excel-like spreadsheet. Also Elon Musk chirpBefore deleting his tweet on Sunday, he said the platform offers a “grace” period for people to sign up for Twitter Blue. In his tweet, the billionaire warned that users who refuse to pay for Twitter Blue will have their badges removed immediately. He then followed up with his threat to delete the verification badge from the main account of The New York Timesafter a user reported that the newspaper had previously said it would not pay.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Siladitya Ray

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