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Holaspirit, the new generation work organization

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Business organization inherited from the last century has become obsolete in the face of market developments. With its unique platform, Holaspirit facilitates the transition to the new generation of organizational model.

Founded in 2015, Holaspirit develops software to respond to the problems of business leaders who see that the way organizations previously evolved no longer matches current needs. Distributed according to the SaaS model, it supports companies in transforming the way they operate through participatory governance, a new way of structuring and operating to allow everyone to be players in organizations in constant motion. ” Holaspirit delivers miraculous innovationsconfirms its founder Philippe Pinault, co-author of the book Next generation company (Erles, 2020). The company is moving from an organization defined by a vertical hierarchy, to a model that is more transparent about the responsibilities of team members through a hierarchy of roles and no longer people. »

Inspired by life, this comprehensive model helps leaders better distribute power, empower teams, level hierarchies, remove bureaucracy, and unlock the organization’s potential by allowing each talent to express itself within a clearer framework. ” The company of the last century is very confused, it is difficult to read, and the employees find it difficult to express and do themselves. It’s a situation where, by default, you have to ask your manager’s permission before taking initiatives. At New Generation Company, because we provide it with software support, everyone will be able to take initiatives and collaborate within their scope of responsibilities thanks to better role definition and work practices. This clarity and transparency creates the framework and provides the psychological security necessary to take the initiative. Our ambition is to unleash this potential by working on the management transformation of the organization. »

Holaspirit is currently the leading software in the field, powering the implementation of agile methods, such as OKR (Goals and Key Results) for example to improve the performance of teams within an organization. Growing its activities by more than 40% for a turnover of just over 1.5 million euros, Holaspirit supports more than 700 companies, mainly in Europe, with 4 main markets: Holland, Germany, Switzerland and France. ” Almost all of our income is made up of licensing income, and we work with various partners, trainers and consulting firms, when it comes to supporting the implementation and implementation of the solution at our clients.Continue. The time of techno is a short time, but the long time here is the time of man and the accompaniment in changing a certain number of practices. »

Today, Holaspirit is the subject reference platform self management In addition to the essential tool for companies that want to initiate these transformations that support the resilience of their organization and teams with a functional dimension. ” We believe that bringing this building block will ensure a better development of an organization that, at some point, will face the more or less classic problems of a growing company, which needs to structure itself and which asks itself the question of how to move forward. Philippe Pinault concludes.

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