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Easter eggs out!

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Easter is fast approaching and young and old are already looking forward to this moment to taste the chocolate that will take on different shapes.

Rugby football at the Mandarin Oriental with Adrien Bozzolo

Mandarin Oriental Paris Balloon Egg – © Alexis Anice (BD)

Pastry Chef Mandarin Oriental, Adrian Pozzuolo, create us a hit trompe-l’oeil with this awesome rugby ball shaped egg, and for good reason, he plays rugby! It picks up completely right down to the seams and laces, except this one gets eaten!
Belize chocolate 75% And inside it is dark chocolate candy and mini cookies.
A feast for the palate and eyes!

Price: 60 euros (to be requested 24 hours in advance)

Patrick Roger and his farms

Hedgehog Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger He will always amaze us with his creativity and realism in the shapes he creates. A real sculptor works for us here, chickens, eggs, chicks and hedgehogs in his own way. His animals are covered in fine cocoa powder. Inside is full of fried foods, pralines, almonds, hazelnuts, gianduja…
We especially love the hedgehog, it’s amazingly realistic!

Price: hedgehog from 59 euros to 75 euros
Chick: from 59 euros to 110 euros

The Royal Monceau with Quentin Letchat

Easter artwork by Quentin Letchat at the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris – © Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris

Here’s a little Art Nouveau in both the look and the finishes (dark milk chocolate, peanut butter fudge and caramel peanuts) that we’ll be eating this Easter.
Under apparent simplicity, a work of art is hidden by shaping by hand, because each piece is unique and we would not dare to touch it but rather fix it on our shelf!

Price: NC (pre-order April 1-7)

Alain Ducasse and his farm

Chocolate upside down egg Alain Ducasse – © Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

this year Alain Ducasse and its leader Quentin Francis Guino She turned to the farm and its animals for Easter without forgetting the egg, a staple of this holiday
Here we fall into scrambled eggs with original and mysterious lines, carefully carved and shaped! It has also become one of the factory’s flagship and signature creations.
Each egg is topped with delicious french fries.

Price: from €21 to €51

Lenotre and his charming egg

The Wizard’s Egg – © LENÔTRE PARIS

Easter keynote address for us it’s magic. Here we find a mischievous wizard with fried milk chocolate and eggs stuffed with hazelnut pralines.

Price: 60 euros

Pierre and Hermie and his creativity

Pierre de Soleil’s egg by Pierre Hermé – © Pierre Hermé

A small masterpiece of this creation of Pierre HermieDirectly inspired by Sunstone!
One might almost hesitate to chew it.
But the invitation of this praline version, accompanied by fried foods and delicious eggs, will make the greed stronger!

Price: 65 euros

Nut Egg with Morris with Cedric Cherollet

Hazelnuts by Le Maurice Paris – © Le Maurice Paris

We no longer exist Cedric Chevrolet At Le Meurice, which has won numerous awards and was voted Best Pastry Chef in the World 2018 by the World’s 50 Best Awards. This year, we created Cedric Cherolette’s egg and his assistant pastry chef a hazelnut to share. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll love this Finely Ground Chocolate Hazelnut Topping with French Fries.

The price is 60 euros From March 29th to April 10th

Morris pastries from Cedric Cherolette
6 avenue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris

The Red Bear in Plaza Athena with Angelo Moses

GUSTAVE at the Plaza Athénée Hotel – © The Plaza Athénée Hotel

As the hotel celebrates its 110th birthday this year, the hotel’s young mascot, GustavThis year, he comes in a sparkling and glamorous outfit thanks to the talents combined and made with love by Angelo Musa, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and world champion pastry chef Elisabeth Haute.
It consists of milk chocolate with sweet notes of vanilla, delicately placed on a base of dark chocolate, and in the heart are beautiful gourmet surprises (eggs with dark chocolate).
There is no doubt that this little teddy bear will win the hearts of young and old alike, because gluttony has no age!

Price: 95 euros In limited edition from March 30th to April 10th

Morel’s egg on the peninsula with Anna Korople

Morel at The Peninsula Paris – © The Peninsula Paris

The very original Peninsula egg is distinguished by its shell in a honeycomb shape that is uniquely reminiscent of a morel.
The chef knows how to set herself apart with her bold creations and ingredients that are sometimes surprising but always harmonious and delicious on the palate.
Formulated with 65% dark chocolate, milk chocolate ganache, raw butter and enhanced with fresh morels, it brings a subtle elegance to the mouth-watering roundness. Drizzled with pralines, it combines the crunch of hazelnuts with the notes of brioche toast and toasted grain notes!

Price: 105 euros (72 hours in advance) April 1-10

Royal Palm Egg with Stéphane Baptiste

The Royal Palm Beehive – © The Royal Palm

Stephen Baptistepastry chef Royal Palm On Easter, he reveals to us an amazing creation that is even more real than nature. This year’s egg turned out to be a beehive, a tribute to nature and the environment as well as the bee colony that resided at the hotel and served delicious honey to guests.
Here the hive is made of 72% dark minakao with a white chocolate crust and aroma of honey and red fruits.

Maison Fouquet Couture Egg

Couture egg by Maison Fouquet – © La Maison Fouquet

A refined egg is simply sublime by the delicate lace that reveals at its heart an egg covered in fine golden powder applied with a brush by the Maison’s artisans. Let’s admire!

Price: 40 euros

Jungle Egg with Jay Martin

The Grand Véfour Easter Egg – © Le Grand Véfour

Respecting the nature that characterizes Guy Martin, he chose to celebrate Easter to represent his egg in the form of a woody bark, formed from the inside of algae in which tiny eggs are laid.
A true poem of nature

Price: 65 euros

An egg in honor of the City of Light at the Park Hyatt Vendome with Naraya Kim

Park Hyatt Paris – Vendome Cathedrale Egg – © Nicolas Lobbestaël

Inspired by the stained glass windows of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Korean chef presents us with a creative little gem. The eggs, made with 65% Manjari dark chocolate and fruit jelly, are illuminated from the inside with a small LED that lets their many colors shine. Through her creations, Chef highlights not only the work of master glassmakers, but also the work of artisanal jewelers. A specially designed creation that requires 30 hours of labor per egg!

To be ordered 72 hours in advance

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