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Relationship to work is changing, let’s rejoice!

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The future of work is a topic that always generates a lot of interest and discussion. Although many changes have occurred and are not yet frozen in the world of work, it is difficult to predict how the French will function in 10 years. It is clear that the relationship to work has changed many years ago and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated these shifts. Who still spends their entire career at the same company? Who today is ready to sacrifice his private life to give priority to his career? Who agrees to remain in the position if he believes that his company does not value him enough or if the latter is not in line with his ethical values?

Work has an important place in the lives of the French and many surveys show this. In France, when you meet someone new, one of the first questions will usually be, “What do you do for a living?” instead of “what are your hobbies”? Work is often more than a source of income: for some, it is even a social affirmation. Therefore, companies play a major role in meeting the new needs of employees, making them want to stay for several years and feel good remotely and face to face.

To do this, companies must follow the trends in terms of technological advancement to offer the best of both worlds face-to-face. These developments will be essential in changing the business. For example, file Robotics and artificial intelligence It can replace some routine repetitive tasks, while virtual reality and augmented reality can provide new opportunities for companies and employees. Video conferencing, webinars, remote or hybrid events are tools that some do not know how to handle or companies that are not yet equipped. It is imperative that this change takes place and that companies invest in the right communication tools so that their teams can exchange smoothly and efficiently with each other and with their customers. In the future, we can assume that travel and face-to-face meetings will only be for high-profile events and other times will be far away. Hence the need to be well equipped.

As hybrid work gets installed with more or less days in the company, this is forcing them to rethink managing their physical workspaces. Because employees are less frequently in the office, some companies have reduced or will reduce the amount of their real estate. Is this the end of large platforms and huge meeting rooms in favor of new formats such as collaborative spaces with integrated video conferencing equipment, individual pods for isolation and of course coexistence spaces to meet with colleagues and relax? The formal office is revolutionizing, the flexible office is emerging! Each employee maintains their own workstation on the day they will be present or, if necessary, a conference room. This system also makes it possible to maintain friendliness and engagement between team members because it is possible to reserve a position next to the person of your choice. It becomes a pleasure to be back in the office again because you are close to the people you want or need to see face to face.

In conclusion, first of all the figure from ANDRH (National Association of French Human Rights Defenders) that states that 39% of employees will work remotely in 2025 compared to 31% in 2022. This signifies that a large number of employees will need the best possible facilities and also the flexibility of the workplace, ‘office anywhere’ has a bright future ahead of it and should make it possible to utilize and retain employees as per the job. Is this one of the solutions to overcome the problem of employment in certain sectors? I’ll let you think about it…

Tribune Posted by Charlotte Niziou, Zoom spokesperson in France

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