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must be followed | Macadam pushes pedestrians one step closer

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To encourage French residents to walk instead of drive, Macadam offers rewards based on steps taken during the day. These steps are converted into coins and can be exchanged for real euros (once the 15 euro threshold is crossed), promotions in partner brands or even reinvested to support syndicate projects. Daily rank challenges can be set up between friends or employees of the same company to improve the experience even further.

“While we launched Macadam just a few months ago (October 2022), we are proud to already have over 1.3 million users, while fully funding ourselves,” boasts Benjamin Dudignac, co-founder of the app. We want to strengthen our presence in France, Italy and Spain and thus reach 10 million users and then make Macadam one of the most used social applications in Europe on a daily basis. »

To reach this milestone of 10 million, it is particularly envisaged that ten new bosses will be recruited and deployed to the US and Japan markets by the end of the year.

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