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Pete Davidson Doesn’t Think His Dating History Is ‘That Crazy’

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Pete Davidson has received as many articles chronicling who he’s dating as he has stories about his Hollywood ventures, but he just doesn’t understand the interest in his romantic life. The comedian appeared on a recent episode of The Jon Bernthal Show real podcast, where he says he doesn’t think his dating history is “that crazy.”

“I’m in my twenties and I’ve dated people, and for some reason, it’s crazy and interesting to people. I don’t think that’s interesting,” Davidson said. “I’ve been in show business for about half my life, for 14, 15 years, in national TV show, and in 10 years, you’ve dated 12 people? I don’t think that’s crazy.”

While davidson seems to think the general public has a problem with number Of the people he has been associated with over the years, the interest in his romantic life most likely stems from the caliber of women he dates. The comedian had a romance with Ariana Grande in 2018; The two only dated for five months, but were briefly engaged, and Grande left the relationship still groveling over the size of his penis.


That summer—and the words Grande chose about what Davidson brings to the table—stunned people (namely Ted Cruz) who couldn’t believe a tattooed comedian who joked about his mental illness could befriend huge pop stars. But soon, other beautiful women proved that tall, skinny white boys with a good sense of humor could embody BDE.

Since then, Davidson has been spotted with Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Phoebe Dennifer, Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski, and of course, Kim Kardashian, who revealed that she reached out to him because she had “heard about BDE” and it was “basically DTF.” The comedian values ​​\u200b\u200bhis privacy, so usually every romance is published only through paparazzi photos.

“I’m not on Instagram, I’m not on social media, and I don’t like showing off videos,” said Davidson. “And those people that I dated, I work for. I wasn’t in anyone’s DMs, and nobody was in mine. I worked in one of Hollywood’s five hotspots—you meet people. And that’s just who I was working with and who I was here for, and that’s how it goes.” . To that end, the comedian is currently dating Chase Sui Wonders, his onesies onesies onesies Co-star.


Davidson last starred opposite Kaley Cuoco in the Peacock romcom Nice meeting. popkiss, A TV comedy about the comedian’s life, starring Joe Pesci, is also on its way to streaming.

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