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A severe storm collapses the roof at the Morbid Angel Fair in Illinois, killing one and injuring dozens

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A severe storm caused the roof to collapse Friday night (March 31) at the Apollo Theater in Belvedere, Illinois, where Morbid Angel was scheduled to play Revocation, Skeletal Remains, and Crypta. One person was reported dead and at least 28 others were injured.

The crash came about 30 minutes into the Metal concert, right after a tornado warning was issued for the area. Approximately 260 people were inside the 1,500-capacity venue at the time of the accident. As of this posting, the National Weather Service has not confirmed if the tornado struck the same location.

In addition to the roof collapsing, the façade and façade were smashed into the street. Of the injured, at least five were in serious condition, with several ambulances called to the scene.


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a statement saying, “My department is closely monitoring the roof collapse at the Apollo Theater in Belvedere tonight. I’ve been in contact with officials for updates and to direct any available resources we can. As we learn more, please follow the guidance of all local authorities.”

According to the Chicago GrandstandBelvedere Police Chief Shane Woody described the situation as “chaos. Absolute chaos. When the officers are on the scene for the first time, when the fire department and first responders get here, they do everything they can to control the chaos as much as possible.”

Morbid Angel posted on Facebook, “Tonight’s show has been canceled due to a tornado hitting the venue, causing the roof over the area in front of the stage to collapse, and the marquee to collapse.”


The band continued, “We are asking anyone still traveling to the venue to seek shelter and stay safe. We are now on shelter, we want to offer our support and hope everyone at the show tonight is safe. Right now, our focus is on making sure everyone is safe.” Someone in the place tonight is fine and go home.”

The revocation wrote on Facebook, “Everyone on the teams and crew is doing well. Thoughts out are with everyone affected by this disaster.”

“We’re safe and well,” said Crippa, who apparently played before the roof collapsed. “All the teams on the pack are safe… A tornado hit the place.” [and] We lost our RV, but we’re fine. “


Our thoughts go out to the victims of this horrific tragedy. Local news reports from ABC 7 Chicago and CBS 2 Chicago can be viewed below.

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