Home News A Palestinian Authority business owner is frustrated after a third robbery in six months

A Palestinian Authority business owner is frustrated after a third robbery in six months

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On Sept. 7, thieves entered the property, then smashed three display cases, stealing about 77 watches, many of which Alex said were posted on Facebook and other online marketplaces.

Thieves targeted his business again two weeks later when they hurled rocks to smash a window and enter the property. Deal more damage and steal more gems.

Alex said he wouldn’t normally go public about these incidents, but since they had happened three times in the past six months, he said he couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“I am very disappointed,” he said. “They brought (the police) with them and the next day they went out doing the same thing. Big changes need to be made. I can’t do anything but hope the police and the city can do more.”

Insurance premiums and the cost of dealing with damage to his business continue to rise with each break-in, adding to the frustration.

The worst is property destruction. It’s not easy to find glass like this, so we have to wait 2-4 weeks to fix it. »

Although property taxes go up every year, Bocian doesn’t think the city is doing anything with the increase to help crime, especially in the downtown area.

paNOW They were able to tour the damage to the store and also saw the back of the property where rubbish and trash had piled up near the dumpster. Alex said there are days when he and his staff can’t make it to the parking lot because garbage has blocked their way. The crew doesn’t even have access to the dumpster for the weekly pickup.

Alex hopes the city can help clean up this mess and do more to protect themselves and other downtown business owners.

paNOW Contact the City of Prince Albert for comments.


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