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Deluxe Reissue ad for Scott Weiland’s 12 Bar Blues, Barbarella Demo Launch: Stream

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The solo debut of the late Scott Weiland, 12 bar blues, 25 on Friday (31 March). In honor of this milestone, Rhino will release remastered and extended versions of the album this spring.

12 bar blues It will make its vinyl debut on Record Store Day (April 22), as a limited edition 2-LP set. It will be limited to 7,500 copies on 180-gram translucent blue and green translucent vinyl, and is only available at select independent music retailers for $34.98. The package will feature the original album with newly remastered audio, plus three previously unreleased recordings: an acoustic rendition of “Barbarella” and outtakes of the “Lazy Divey” and “Chateau Mars” sessions. The last two songs were on the original promotional copy of the album but were not included on the commercial release.

After the release of Record Store Day, on May 12th, Rhino will release a deluxe edition of 12 bar blues It features more unreleased music. Available digitally, this set will present the newly remastered original album, unreleased tracks from the vinyl release and five other previously unreleased recordings.


Prior to the releases, Rhino revealed the previously unreleased demo version of “Barbarella”, along with a 4K version of the track’s original music video.

Weiland co-produced 12 bar blues with Blair Lamb and performing a slew of instruments on the album, including guitar, bass, keyboards and drum loops. The Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver created the concept album design, which pays homage to John Coltrane’s 1958 album blue train.

Hear the previously unreleased demo of “Barbarella” and watch the 4K music video for the original track below. Also, view a file 12 bar blues List of songs and album artwork.


[embedded content]

[embedded content]

12 bar blues Artwork:

Scott Weiland – 12 Bar Blues

12 bar blues track list:

2-LP version:

The first side:
Despair #5
about nothing
Where is the man

The second side:
Cool kids
the date

Third aspect:
Jimmy was a catalyst
Lady, your roof brings me down
Mockingbird Girl
Reverse octave reaction
Fourth aspect:

Fourth aspect:
Barbarella – vocal version *
lazy davy *
Mars Castle *

* = Not previously released

Digital Deluxe Edition:
01. Despair #5
02. Barbarella
03. About nothing
04. Where’s the man
05. Division
06. Cool Kids
07. History
08. The sound
09. Jimmy was a catalyst
10. Madam, your roof is bringing me down
11. Mockingbird Girl
12. Opposite reaction octave
13. Barbarella – Vocal Version *
14. Lizzie Davy *
15. Mars Castle *
16. Barbarella – Daniel Lanois Mix *
17. Cool Kiss – Daniel Lanois Mix*
18. Lady Your Roof Get Me Down – Daniel Lanois Mix *
19. Barbarella – Demo*
20. Despair No. 5 – Demo*


* = Not previously released

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