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Vanity Fair Studios and Scout Productions Will Bring ‘The Secrets of Hillsong’ Premiere May 19th on FX

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For nearly a decade, the favorite of celebrities, Helong Church has been the toast of contemporary evangelical Christianity in America. Before him is an attractive and attractive patron Carl Lentz Based in New York’s media mecca, Hillsong has been the subject of glossy magazine profiles, daytime talk show hits and tabloid glamor. Thousands flocked to Lentz and his weekly service in the thousands – none more so than the Church’s most celebrated adherents, Justin Beiber, who lived briefly with Lintz and his family after a period of professional and personal upheaval. After saving Bieber’s soul, Hillsong’s popularity skyrocketed for most of the 2000s.

Then he went to hell. like vanity lounge contribution rate Alex French and team writer Dan Adler In their latest Lentz Saga from Hillsong, published in February 2021, he mentions the founder and world leader of the church. Brian Houston Lintz and his wife are deported. Lura Days before Lentz flirted with a Brooklyn jewelry designer, she turned into a gossip whirlwind.

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French and Adler discovered that the story was much more than one misbehaving priest. The pair documented a long-standing culture of impunity among church leaders, who often demand everything from their followers while showing little or no accountability. Even with the story published, scandals have continued to grip the church and Lintz mentor, Houston, who is currently awaiting his fate in his native Australia in a criminal case related to his alleged cover-up of his father Frank’s abuse. (Frank was never charged with a crime.)

Two years later, and with a wealth of new reports collected in the meantime, vanity lounge Studios and Scout Productions is set to premiere hillside secrets, A four-part investigative docuseries, coming out Friday, May 19, exclusively on FX at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Directed by Stacey Lee (Olivia Rodrigo: Drive Home 2U; Reducing), the series features the first interviews with former pastors Carl and Laura Lintz since their expulsion from the church as well as poignant conversations with several congregants who have left after a global reckoning still in progress as the church faces a series of new revelations.

With the Church at an existential crossroads, Hillsong Secrets He skips the juicy headlines and examines his humble beginnings, meteoric rise, and troubling tendency to cover up infractions to protect himself. The Emerging Picture – Through interviews with former leaders, victims, and experts, including a former pastor Jeff Pollock Writer Tanya Levine, complex Ashley And Mary Jones And Janice Lagata Survivor Frank Huston David Cowdery Former Director of the Hillsong New York Choir Josh Canfield and Australian Senator David Shoebridge– Shows a cornerstone of world evangelism that has been as often threatened as it is influential.

Finding stories about power and who uses it is key. vanity loungeImportant “. agnes chu, President of Condé Nast Entertainment. Thanks to the excellent reporting by Alex French and Dan Adler, and the courage of those who have come forward to share their experiences, we know that the Force — and its regular abuse on people who seek faith and community — lies at the heart of Hillsong Falls. I am grateful to our partners at Scout Productions and FX for helping us bring to light Such a wonderful story.”

He says Joel Chiudi Executive Producer and Head of Documentary Film Scout Productions, “With the depth and clarity of this project, credit goes to the excellent reporting on vanity lounge and opinions of those speaking for the first time, we are committed to telling a full and definitive story about Hillsong. With these voices, along with unprecedented access to Carl and Laura Lentz, Hillsong Secrets He offers new insights into how decades of scandal and corruption have gone unchecked within the Church and, more importantly, what it means for the community left in its ruins. »

The May 19 premiere will include the first two episodes, with the final two episodes airing on May 26. All episodes will air the following day on Hulu. Hillsong Secrets Produced by Scout Productions vanity lounge studios. Executive producers include David Collins Joel Chiudi Michael Williams and Rob Eric Agnes Chu, Dan Adler, Sarah Amos and Alex French.

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