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The top ten countries in the world for starting a business are located in Europe

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Professional stability in Europe was not helpful at all. Numerous countries within the European Union (EU) offer digital nomad visas and remote work programs, and Europe is also proving to be a great place to set up a company.

According to a study of 50 countries around the world, the ten best countries to launch a startup are all in Europe. In addition to strong opportunities for economic growth and an excellent quality of life, here is what some European countries can offer new entrepreneurs.

What are the best countries to start a business in 2023?

The AI-powered Business Name Generator analyzed the situation in 50 countries to find the best places to start a startup, taking into account economic factors in each country, such as corporate tax, economic growth and costs, and social factors including employee happiness and quality of life.

The Czech Republic is the best country to launch a startup in 2023

The Czech Republic has established itself as the best country for startups according to Business Name Generator. This Eastern European country offers future business leaders low start-up costs: just 1.1% of GNI per capita. Budding entrepreneurs can also benefit from a lower corporate tax rate (19%).

The Czech Republic does not rank highly for quality of life or happiness. However, the state offers reasonable salaries ($1,820 on average) commensurate with a low cost of living ($743 excluding rent).

Finland is the happiest country in the world in 2023

Finland ranks second in the ranking of the best place to start a business in 2023. This Scandinavian country combines low corporate taxes (20%) with high salaries ($4,550 on average).

Finland has the highest happiness score in the world and scores well in the quality of life category.

The Netherlands offers business leaders the best quality of life in 2023

Although it ranks seventh overall, the Netherlands ranks first in terms of quality of life. The country is in the higher range for start-up costs, at 4% of GNI per capita, and corporate tax at 25.8%.

Salaries are attractive, averaging $3,943, and the state also scores well when it comes to employee happiness.

Denmark recorded the highest monthly salary in 2023

If a high salary is one of your priorities, then Denmark may be the place for you. His average salary is $5,965, making it the highest in Europe. The country also offers aspiring entrepreneurs very low start-up costs (0.2% of GNI per capita) and ranks second in terms of quality of life.

However, the cost of living is higher, at around $1,107 per month.

The UK is the startup cost champion in 2023

The UK offers the lowest business start-up costs in Europe for startups: you don’t have to pay anything! In addition, the professional tax is 19%.

The UK thus ranks sixth, due to its less favorable scores for quality of life and employee happiness.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Rebecca Ann Hughes

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