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Russia’s War in Ukraine: Live Updates

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10:57 a.m. ET, March 30, 2023

Reactions of lawmakers and organizations to Russia’s arrest of the American journalist

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Lawmakers and organizations across America are responding to Russia’s arrest of American journalist Ivan Gershkovitch of the Wall Street Journal. This is what some of them say:

US Representative Jared MoskowitzOne Democrat from Florida, called Gershkovitch’s arrest on espionage charges “kidnapping,” telling CNN, “We’re in very dangerous territory with (Putin). It’s all about influence and so right now we have a human life at stake.”

This is not the game Putin should be playing. “I think Joe Biden has shown that he’s not someone you’re going to laugh about this stuff with,” said Moskovitz, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, adding that “Gershkovitch should be released immediately.”

US Representative Adam SchiffA California Democrat, he said it was “very typical Russian behaviour”.

“It’s very typical Russian behavior, which is to seize Americans and use them as leverage — in this case, the journalist — to make false allegations against them and hold them, you know, maybe for long periods of time. In this case, you know, I think we can see it coordinating with their statements. Nuclear The United States and the West oppose their ambitions in Ukraine.

National Press Club On Thursday, he called on Russia to immediately release Gershkovitch, calling his detention “unfair”. The organization also urged the State Department to act.

Ivan Gershkovich is a journalist. “He must be immediately released safe and sound and allowed to resume his important work,” said Eileen O’Reilly, President of the National Press Club and Jill Klein, President of the National Press Club. statement.

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