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L’Ecurie Paris, the American dream of a French eyewear brand

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Lionel Morroy didn’t come to do extra work in California, this land of all possibilities for those who dream big. The French expatriate, with a passion for design and the art of living, launched his luxury eyewear brand, L’Ecurie Paris, which has no equal in the market. In the Land of Appearances, the appellation was quickly adopted by the beautiful people. Today, the businessman intends to become a prophet in his country by seducing the French with his knowledge and creativity in fashion design. meeting in Los Angeles.

you have toostreetOhyou lookco starYouCome from the United States to build your career. How to earn your place in the sun when no one is waiting for you ?

Lionel Morroy : Yes, I think you just have to remember that there is no one waiting for you. For Americans, time is very precious, they work a lot and have a monopoly on their careers. However, you should never give up in order to show them that you are bringing them added value, while being responsive and efficient.

Have you always wanted to be a business owner and entrepreneur? What interests you in particular about eyewear accessories?

In my opinion, being an entrepreneur is not a choice, but a character trait. I have always loved to create, to build something. Over time, I really wanted to design a personal product that made sense. So I took an interest in glasses, an accessory that helps boost self-confidence, enhances your face or the clothes you wear, and can have an elegant and luxurious touch. We all have our favorite glasses!

What did you want to artistically express in this universe?

I want to celebrate beauty, very pure elegance through design, and offer a product that has soul. I like when people feel an emotion when they take our products in their hands, it’s a real experience. The Butterfly model illustrates this idea perfectly. This huge gold coin with two cups is really unique and works very well in the market. Equally important, I strive to manufacture well-made products, and I take the time to design a product that stands out, with noble materials.

Businessman Lionel Moroy with model Kristina Minisoff © L’Ecurie Paris

behindLiquor Paris era, there is a high definition know-how. How you combined your design experience with the very French codes of luxury ?

I followed my intuition first, then my taste and my French heritage in design. Subsequently, she combined the design and exceptional know-how of the Manufacture to give life to the L’Écurie Paris collection. For detailing, I chose an ultra-lightweight titanium frame, covered in either 14k white gold or 18k yellow gold, and called upon the best lensmakers on the market.

What was the biggest challenge in the manufacturing process? ?

The biggest challenge was realizing the design I had in mind, with the technical limitations, goggle size, nose space and ensuring optimal comfort. We made many different samples, tests and adjustments so as not to distort the design. Our range is the result of two years of development that today allows us to offer exceptional products to our customers.

Lionel Moroy: As a Frenchman, it gives me particular pleasure to launch L’Ecurie Paris in my country.

Attacking the US market through California is not the easiest route. However, I was able to penetrate locally, how these great aesthetes seduced ?

We received great feedback from the independent stores in Los Angeles.
The fact that distinctive design and models were offered allowed the brand to stand out from the crowd through models and stylists – great descriptors – to eventually reach celebrities. L’Ecurie Paris has recently been endorsed by international stars like Heidi Klum, Molly Sims, Kristina Minisoff and more! For the first time, we participated in New York Fashion Week 2023 and also attended Los Angeles Fashion Week.

What is your distribution strategy to support your growth ?

Our strategy is to work with passionate people who understand the value of our products. Thanks to our very good feedback, we plan to expand to other very important markets like Dubai, France, South America (Brazil and Mexico), as well as Japan, as well as covering the USA from New York to Miami via California of course.

What are your goals in the market sincereThat’s it ?

As a Frenchman, it gives me particular pleasure to launch L’Ecurie Paris in my country. We’re in discussion with optometrists and fashion designers to distribute our branding at key points this year. You should know that France is a region that is still difficult to penetrate, there are dominant players. It is therefore important to continue to raise the profile of Écurie Paris through international celebrities and to participate in influential events such as the FIAF where we made donations to FIAF or the Trophée des Arts gala last October in the presence of Jean Reno.

Our ambition is to become the main brand in France that promotes our cultural heritage.

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