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Fideuro: For accurate accounting and financial support

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The role of the accounting agent is still unknown in France, however, it plays an essential role in the life of the company. The support provided by experts, which goes beyond accounting expertise, is now leaning towards an advisory role and even sometimes an independent administrator role. Mirko Cazzetta, Chartered Accountant at Fideuro, explains the challenges facing his sector as well as the different areas of intervention for his company.

What services does Fideuro offer?

Our accountancy firm offers classic accounting services such as editing payslips, human resources, assistance in setting up a company or domiciliation, tax procedures such as tax return or improvement advice but also supports managers in their strategic decisions. Our sector must now support its clients in all administrative and financial procedures. Therefore the areas of application are very diverse and our support is global.

We work with VSEs and SMEs but also with large international groups that we mentor at the company level, by supporting them in approving their accounts or during general meetings, and by positioning ourselves as external directors. Finally, we support family wealth management companies that can be in the form of SARL or SA.

How is the credit world changing?

We have an increasingly privileged relationship with business decision makers. The accounting part, which was once at the heart of our business, tends to be curtailed to make room for more advice, whether it be accounting, tax or legal matters. A company of experts can also step in as a guidance counselor and help make the most just decision in accordance with the desired goal. We are now a full partner of the company and have to develop a strong relationship of trust with them. This is the key to successful training! VSE organizations or large groups do not have the same needs and we are committed to supporting them with the same quality of expertise. Excellence is part of our DNA.

What are the main challenges for the sector?

They are many! One of the first major challenges is the difficulty of hiring highly qualified people. Personal support, down to the millimeter, for each company is a real challenge because today we work in parallel with companies. Not only are young students, or very few, trained in this spirit of adaptability, but also to respond to the pressures associated with ever shorter deadlines! Finally, legislative changes such as the European draft Directive ATAD-3, which establishes rules to prevent the misuse of fictitious entities for tax purposes, are considered a weighty project because, if entered into force, they would have retroactive effects over two years.

How do you get them?

First of all, we do not compromise on the quality of training. We follow it internally or abroad if necessary.

We are fortunate that we are not too affected by the spin, even if I am not sure that it is a matter of luck that our collaborators do not leave us, but it may be a matter of luck that we meet them. In any case, this allows us to have a stable and lasting service and this relationship based on trust saves valuable time both internally and for our clients.

We have also chosen a synergistic way of working and in pairs which is an additional investment of course, but provides the convenience of working that our customers value.

Also, we don’t use subcontractors, so we know our customers very well and the regularity of our availability to them also allows us to know exactly what their goals are.

Thus, this closeness allows us to respond as quickly as possible to their expectations and also to protect them and prepare them as much as possible in the face of the new directives.

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