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Tom Morello: The future of Rage Against the Machine is up in the air

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When Rage Against the Machine canceled their remaining 2022 and 2023 tour dates due to singer Zack de la Rocha’s ruptured Achilles tendon, fans likely assumed the shows would take place once he recovered. However, in a new interview, guitarist Tom Morello notes that RATM’s future is uncertain, and that there is a chance the shows will never be rescheduled.

After a few delays due to the pandemic, Rage Against the Machine finally kicked off a reunion tour last summer, with de la Rocha badly injuring himself during the second show of the outing.

While the singer continues to perform the remainder of his summer run in North America while sitting on stage, RATM has announced that their scheduled 2022 UK/European shows and 2023 North American dates have been canceled to allow him time to heal.


Rolling Stone I just caught up with Morello for a new interview in which the guitarist tried to set things straight about complaints about alleged vaccine requirements and the price of tickets for RATM tour dates. But the conversation took a turn when Morello left the band’s future in doubt, despite interviewer Andy Green’s many attempts to get a definitive answer.

When asked simply if the band would resume touring once de la Rocha had recovered, Morello replied, “We’ll see. If there are more shows, we’ll announce it as a band. I don’t know. Honestly, I know as much as you do. We’re in a time of recovery right now.”

He continued, “If there’s never been another show, I think this tour strengthened the case. It’s not about the amount of spin. It’s about what it’s like during those moments when you do.” Rage Against the Machine has played 19 shows in the last 12 years. And the resonance of those 19 shows feels, speaking to the fans, like those were historical events that reinforce the idea of ​​what that band looks like on stage.”


When pressed as to whether the band was on hiatus, Morello said, “Rage Against the Machine is like a loop in Lord of the rings. It drives men crazy. It drives journalists crazy. It’s driving the record industry crazy. they want it. They want the thing, and they’re driven crazy. If there are Rage shows, if there aren’t Rage shows, you’ll hear from the band.”

Not holding back, Green asked again about the 38 canceled shows, and Morello cryptically replied, “Do Rage Against the Machine fans all over the world deserve to see the band? Yes. Of course they do. Would times benefit from a band as culturally, spiritually, and rocking as strong as Rage being?” On stage? Of course. I have no news for you about that. I apologize. There was nothing internal in our discussions that said either yes or no.”

The ambivalence between Greene and Morello continued, and the music reporter eventually asked if it was RATM We are squad or He was group. To this, Morello asserted, “I would like to refer to Rage Against the Machine’s official statement on that point, in which there is none!”


If Rage Against the Machine was indeed on hiatus, this isn’t the first time an injury has halted the band’s activities. Back in 2000, RATM was supposed to go on a joint tour with the Beastie Boys. However, that outing was postponed and eventually canceled after Beastie Boy Mike D seriously injured his shoulder while riding his bike. Not long after that, Rage broke up, and he didn’t play another show until 2007.

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