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Excursions are becoming increasingly popular, so what are they?

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When the global COVID-19 pandemic halted travel in all its forms, the cruise ship industry was hit hard. But with her recovery, another type of cruise has gained popularity.

Traditional cruises are huge ships with entertainment on board such as water parks, swimming pools, casinos, etc. Some of them carry thousands of passengers. But the alternative form of boat travel – trekking – is now attracting more attention.

“If you’re going on an expedition, the purpose of the trip is not the trip, but the expedition. So it all depends on the destination,” travel journalist Lauren Christie told CTV Your Morning on Wednesday. And the ship is the best way to explore the destination. »

Instead of large barges, tours have smaller boats that carry 400 or fewer people to a destination. Christie’s recently took part in a 50-passenger expedition to the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador.

“There are no bells and whistles,[mais]”All amenities are there and sometimes it can be luxurious, but there are no water slides or casinos,” said Christie. It has a great focus on education, conferences, and sustainability. »

Travel isn’t very good for the planet, Christie said, but for those who want to continue exploring the world, exploratory travel sometimes has a smaller environmental footprint.

“It’s in their DNA that these expeditions are to try to be more sustainable,” he said. “So the company I went with, called Hurtigruten Expeditions, was the first company to have the first battery-powered hybrid electric cruiser.”

Christie also said the crew focused on smaller sustainability measures, such as ensuring there was no plastic on board, not bringing food to the island, and taking care of wildlife.

Christie said this cruise line only hires Ecuadoreans, many of whom are from the Galapagos Islands, who support local communities.

He said the expedition was not intended for children due to the lack of in-flight entertainment.

Kristi found the cruise relaxing and explored the unique nature and fauna of the world.

“You’ll see all kinds of different animals,” he said. “What I found really amazing about them is that there are no real natural predators on the islands, these animals have not learned how to be afraid of you.”

To see some photos of Christie’s mission, click on the video at the top of this article.

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