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Clarity, simplicity and originality: the factors that attract the best candidates.

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Seducing and attracting candidates in the face of increasing competition is one of the main challenges that recruiters face. The ever-changing job market forces companies to reinvent certain aspects of their attraction strategy, above all the aspect that will or will not lead to application: the job offer. Focus on some tried and tested best practices.

1 – Be visible outside of traditional channels

Using LinkedIn is a must for recruitment. However, companies have every incentive to diversify their recruitment channels and try new approaches to get noticed.

The idea is not new or very innovative – marketers know it well – but for each candidate, the best channel must be identified. Sometimes it’s good to remember this, but not all candidates have to be on LinkedIn!

Some companies in the retail sector, looking for candidates for their stores, directly use QR codes placed at the front desk, redirecting to their job site, to facilitate orders and make their offers more visible. wisdom ” Your talents are closer than you think takes its full meaning here.

Others make use of posts on metro/bus stations (Société Générale in particular has used this technology to recruit IT profiles), or even in audio on podcasts or social networks like TikTok and Instagram, in particular to reach younger generations. With the curiosity and originality of its campaigns, some companies stand out.

2 – Choose basic, simple and clear job titles

To attract the attention of candidates, I have undoubtedly seen titles such as “Guru”, “Rockstar”, “Super Hero”, “Ninja”… If the intention to stand out is commendable, few candidates will search for a job with these keywords. Moreover, its connotations can be seen as infantilism. These job titles stray from the usual jargon, they wouldn’t come up while searching “Business Developer” in Google for example.

The best practice is to use simple, commonly searched terms for your ad title. In the content of the show, the editorial line can reveal the company’s culture and the desire to recruit “Rockstar”.

3 – Don’t write a job advertisement, tell a story

It is not because the job title has to be “classic” that originality is not allowed in the description. Advertising allows a company to use creativity to stand out from the competition.

Let’s just say it right away: stop the endless lists a la Prévert to describe a center. Originality can be expressed using a video clip, for example. Such is the case of PwC, which uses these media as soon as it reaches its functional position. Candidates learn about the company before applying and the video provides an authentic insight into its culture. Employees are also the best ambassadors for this strategy. Gone are the days when a communications agency or sophisticated equipment was needed; The phone is enough. With the right software, the video can be easily edited and published.

If the video doesn’t appeal to you, all you need to do is tell a story, the story of the company, service and/or its teams to set yourself apart. Be careful, however, to remain honest and authentic, and don’t overdo it so you don’t create a level of expectation tied to reality.

4 – Introducing a streamlined application process

A good, well-written, well-presented ad is worthless if the application process is tedious. Recruiters tend to forget the frustration and frustration that a long or complicated application process can cause candidates. If the latter has to enter a lot of information into a form, import documents (which don’t necessarily have them on hand) or have to fill in all their references, make sure not to apply too many.

We should also take advantage of the tool we always have on hand: our phone. When companies post their job offers on a career site transponder *It makes the application process quick, accessible and less complicated. This is also a simplification, allowing you to respond to a job offer anywhere and anytime with just one click.

Job advertisements are only part of the hiring process. They attract the attention of candidates, but you also need to think in advance about what will persuade them to join you. The employer’s brand is also an important part of the staffing strategy, which should reflect the realities of the company’s life. Finally, in order to maintain a good image with the candidates, but also and above all out of politeness, I answer everyone, even in the negative. The candidate will have a sense that their approach has been considered.

Happy recruiting!

* Responsive: Make an Internet medium (website, page, etc.) accessible and adaptable to all devices (tablets, phones, computer).

Opinion article by Amandine Ritz, Director of Human Resources EMEA at iCIMS

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