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Blue Jays Contribution to World Cuisine: Hot Dog Poutine

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If the concept of “hot dog poutine” interests you, it’s understandable. But transcend.

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The Toronto Blue Jays will sell this unlikely combination of baseball’s beloved plate with quintessential Quebec cuisine for the first time in 2023, starting with their home opener on Tuesday, April 11 against the Detroit Tigers.

The hot dog poutine will be sold at Rogers Center — at $9.99 each — in sections 109, 209, 215, 220, 228, 233, 514, 520, 523, 529 and 533.

The traditional poutine is nothing more than spicy gravy and cheese curds soaked and melted on a piece of french fries. Mmmmmm.

Rogers Center’s Hot Dog Poutine is just one item in a new list of food and drink options available to the masses in 2023, as developed by Philadelphia-based catering company Aramark Sports and Recreation.

On its website, the company boasts that it has ramped up its franchises with “new culinary creations” and specialty cocktails at each of the nine major ballparks it serves, including Boston’s Fenway Park.

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Several new food items are exclusive to each of the nine stages. One of the staples in Rogers Center is the poutine hot dog, which Aramark describes as “a classic Schneider hot dog topped with hash browns, cheese curds, and gravy.”

So, actually, it’s not exactly poutine. Don’t expect fries drenched in cheese and gravy strewn lengthwise across the top of the oven. But for fans of both poutine and sausage? close enough.

Putin’s purists and outspoken traditionalists might shudder at the thought of such a drink. But hot dog lovers and chili connoisseurs probably did just that a hundred years ago, when the Chili Dog first appeared on Earth.

Hey, it’s 2020 when it comes to more than just mixing foods. For example, my local Greek restaurant now sells a delicious chicken dish with French fries. a surprise.

And I make a thick, delicious breakfast sandwich stacking a fried egg, three mini brown sugar-flavored sausages, a baked hash brown, slices of bacon, a leaf of lettuce, a slice of tomato and mayonnaise cut in half. the bread.

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