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Wage transparency, the cornerstone of the fight against gender inequality?

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Do you know how much his “colleague” gets paid for an equal position? A basic hypothesis to reduce the risks of discrimination and pay inequality that persist between women and men. While efforts are being made to close the wage gap, the Capterra* study on gender inequality in companies points to the fact that measures taken by companies should increase the transparency of their employees’ pay.

The majority of women indicate that they do not benefit from transparent communication on the subject of salaries (37%), compared to a lower percentage of men (29%). This strategy not only contributes to promotion A trusting relationship with employees, but it also makes it possible to demonstrate the efforts of an organization to allocate salaries on an objective and fair basis. The report explains. He added that the more transparent the wage policy in the company, the lower the wage gap between men and women, for equal jobs, with three levels of transparency: companies that communicate about their wage policy (positioning in the market, reward for remote work, etc.) where The gender pay gap 2.4%, those who mention salary ranges in their job offers or post their salary grids, with only 2% and finally those who talk about single salaries as there is no longer any disparity between female and male wages.

The issue of appreciating women’s work also remains a central point. Among the participants, 65% of the men were rewarded with a promotion compared to 53% of the women. Women (49%) also find it more difficult to bring up promotion with their manager than do male respondents. To promote equal opportunities in this field, the study suggests setting a clear policy for promotions management and professional advancement management. Initiatives that companies should be able to work onA more equal and inclusive world of workwhile offering advantages to their reputation and attractiveness to future talent.

* Captera study on gender inequality in business

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