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In the Succession season 4 premiere, the war really begins

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[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Succession, Season 4 Episode 1, “The Munsters.”]

“Nobody tells jokes anymore, right?” Blues asks Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the season premiere Succession, a lament that might sound like an old man bemoaning the existence of a “cancellation culture.” But, as with so many elements of the series, it’s really a flimsy cover for the guy’s true feelings, as a family estrangement spurred by the sale of the family business means season four begins with Roy vs. confront Ruiz.

As “The Munsters” begins, it’s been a few months since the Italian wedding that turned the family into a kernel, and happy birthday to Logan and his navy blue double-breasted jacket, a very fitting choice for a mogul’s wardrobe who enjoys supposedly happy and relaxed occasions like his birthday party.


It’s a populous affair, with Connor (Alan Ruck) talking about his “one percent” stance in the race for president and other Waystar Royco representatives in attendance. Even Greg (Nicholas Brown) has a date, despite stating the date, calling him “Bridget Randomfuck?” By Logan’s “friend, aide, and advisor” Kerry (Zoe Winters), Greg ends up in a spot of trouble later on. Logan feels the crowd’s disapproval, though – “Meet the fucking beast,” he tells Kerry, probably because he’s noticeably absent, and in fact on the other side of the country now, are Logan’s three younger children.

Chef (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) work to launch a post-Waystar operation on Earth. This is truly an incredible presentation of what they call The Hundred: “Substack meets Master Class The Economist Meets The New Yorker(As we mentioned earlier in our review, never before has so much smart looked so dumb when mixed together.)

The three siblings seem to have different levels of commitment to The Hundred, and none of them seem excited about the brand choices they’ve been presented with. Perhaps this is why he starts crafting a different idea for them, after an unintentional tip arrives via Tom (Matthew Macfadyen).



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