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Australian band Special Job to release a urine-infused vinyl record

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Vinyl is back and bigger than ever: Australian band Private Function releases their new album 370HSSV0773H with a limited “golden” pressing of 50 LPs that were each doused with the band members’ urine.

The Melbourne rockers shared the news in an Instagram reel of the members emerging from the bathroom, each container filled with a yellow liquid. “Congratulations to the 50 people who ordered the ‘gold’ edition of our new record,” the caption read. “I just bought a liquid disc full of our urine. We worked with local legends @saltydog.records to build the world’s first urine-infused record, it turned out really hard.”

If their claims are true, then a urine-laced LP (L-pee?) cannot be legally sold in South Australia, which made us wonder how many other Australian bands have attempted a similar stunt. Given its somewhat experimental nature, the special hasn’t yet revealed what exactly urine pressure will look like, but we think its “golden” moniker gives us a pretty good idea. The band signed a final request: “Please do not use our DNA to commit crimes.”


The special wants to make their physical releases extra memorable: as Aussie The Music blog points out, another version of 370HSSV0773H It features a cover that acts as a scratch-off lottery ticket with a potential prize of $2,999. 370HSSV0773H It comes out in its not-so-obnoxious form on Friday, March 31, and pre-orders are well under way. See the special post post about phenyluria below.

This is a very profitable time for creative LP releases. A recent report states that in 2022, vinyl will outsell CDs for the first time since 1987.

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