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must be followed | Smart Tribune propagates a culture of feedback to unsubscribe customer services

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Founded in 2011 by 3 engineers, Jeremy Gallimard, Christopher Montemont, and Sammy LastmanSmart Tribune is developing what it calls “self-care” solutions: in other words, the ability to give consumers the means to find answers to their questions with complete independence. To foster co-creation and feedback culture in companies, the startup developed an automated help center solution first, then a chatbot as well as a platform for the centralization and dissemination of knowledge for advisors.Customer services.

profitable and funded so far only by equity, Smart runway In early March it closed its first round of fundraising with €8 million, mainly from Elevation Capital Partners and XAnge-run La Poste Ventures. The latter will take advantage of this to boost its research and development efforts; It is also conducting several weeks’ testing of a new offering to create knowledge bases for clients and advisors, based on GPT-3. This makes it possible to generate pre-responses automatically, thus reducing the integration time for a new response by approximately 70%.

“Smart Tribune, after its recent fundraising, intends to consolidate its position as the French market leader for knowledge bases dedicated to customers and employees in 2023 while preparing the ground to become, in the medium term, the leading European company in self-care,” says Jeremy Gallimard, President and Founder. Participant of Smart Tribune Company We are convinced that innovation and excellence in user experience are the key to transforming and improving customer and employee services, thus propelling our company towards ever more ambitious horizons. »

This fundraiser will also serve international ambitions: starting in 2024, The company wants to accelerate deployment of its solutions It is already installed in nearly 50 countries and is available in more than 25 languages. To date, the publisher has attracted 150 major French and international brands such as Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, DPD, Club Med, Macif, Sephora, Club Med and OUIGO.

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