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Taylor Swift: Lana Del Rey is ‘our best’

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Taylor Swift praised Lana Del Rey during “The Eras Tour” concert in Las Vegas Friday night, calling Del Rey “the best of us.”

Swift sang “Snow on the Beach” for her midnight collaboration with Del Rey, as one of the two surprise songs featured on Friday night’s setlist. Introducing the song, Swift noted that Del Rey herself had just released a new album, Did you know that there is a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard.

“It’s so good… it’s just extraordinary,” Swift said of the album. “It’s our best. I think we need to make it a priority, as a group, to air, buy and support this album and this artist.”


Swift continued, “She knows I’m obsessed with her, and she’s been kind enough to compose a song with me midnight. She is a gracious king, she did it for me and I will never forget how kind she was to me. It’s so cool when you have your favorite artists and they become so nice to you. Anyway, I wanted to give it some promotion, and in honor of this great album I want to play Snow on the Beach. “

Swift isn’t the first artist to pay tribute to Del Rey. Bruce Springsteen called her “one of the best songwriters in the country”, while Courtney Love likened her to Kurt Cobain: “Lana and Kurt are the only musical geniuses I’ve ever known”.

Swift’s The Eras Tour runs through August (get tickets here). Del Rey has been confirmed to head several summer music festivals, such as Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Glastonbury, and Festival D’été de Québec.

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