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Paramount Eyes Vertigo Remake, starring Robert Downey Jr.

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A remake of Alfred Hitchcock vertigo It may be on the way to Paramount Pictures, with Robert Downey Jr. at the center of it and Stephen Knight penning the script.

vertigo It was originally produced by Paramount in 1958, and according to Delivery timeThe Hitchcock estate preferred the studio to handle the new production. The original film starred James Stewart as John “Scotty” Ferguson, a former police detective who grew up with a fear of heights and vertigo. After leaving the force, Ferguson is hired by an acquaintance to follow his wife and investigate her strange behavior. It was the first film to use flash zoom, an effect that distorts perspective, and to simulate Ferguson’s disorientation.

In the upcoming iteration, Downey will take over the starring role of Stewart, as well as producing alongside his wife Susan Downey, John Davis, and John Foxx. It’s not the only new period Downey has been involved in in recent years — that’s it Iron Man The actress and Susan Downey are producers on the HBO series Perry Masonwhich Downey originally planned to star in. This summer, Downey will appear in Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer.


Knight previously created the original series Poor disguise And be seen And direct films hummingbird, lok, And Serenity. He is also behind recent FX adaptations of Charles Dickens classics such as Christmas carol And Great predictionsand – that’s 100% true – was the original creator of the giant game show Who wants to be a millionaire?

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