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They will change the world in 2030!

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grandstand | How will the 2-3 billion young Alphas (born since 2010) survive? Those born on screens, from parents born on consoles. Those whose first photos are those of a 3D ultrasound, the same ones that have appeared since birth on the first page of Instagram or WhatsApp. The question deserves to be asked, because they are probably the true generation of dau bue tears; The world in which we will move from a socially fragmented world to a socially connected world. This is the generation that Michel Serres announced will be the third generationy A major anthropological revolution for humanity. How will they work? What political structure will they adopt to prepare for the future?

Three principles guiding this generation: a Instinctive challenge that sharpen their critical thinking, exceptional creativity fueled by the flow of information they have access to, and the ability to virally commit to the causes that move them. This generation will have a decisive advantage over the one that preceded it, which is Mastery of symbols rather than submit to it. to encrypt rather than surf the Internet; to create rather than to consult. Will be generation of entrepreneurs. Not in the sense as we know it, but in a more interactive sense, no doubt more ephemeral in form, but certainly more permanent in logic. Fueled by video games or linked via TikTok, they will function as a community.

Some already imagine being recruited as a group to be given a task, rather than being treated individually via an employment contract. Her popularity on social media taught them to value interactions. The monetization of their own value will be indexed on the knowledge they will acquire in school as well as on the membership and density of the societies to which they owe. By the age of twelve, some have become “coaches.” artificial intelligence – Hearing that they debug AI malfunctions on specialized platforms – Others have a LinkedIn profile, and are interested in opportunities. Undoubtedly, if this generation asserts its creativity and sensitivity, it will overturn the codes of the labor market.

This revolution is likely to be as radical in the political world as it will be in the employment world. The subjective distrust of politics that many of our contemporaries have will translate into an objective distrust of technologies and their use by political actors. Accustomed to anonymity in social networks, to interact without complexes behind pseudonyms, checking every bit of information on informational bots, 1,000 or 100,000 times more efficientthis chat Today we discover that Alpha is likely to be particularly reserved around the centrality of the political levers and the institutions they represent. If the public work is not embodied in tangible, tangible and assessable projects, they will pass their way.

They hold their breath for the causes they stand for. Don’t more than a third of them hope – for lack of inspiration and commitment – that a government of experts will simply “manage” it? The question will inevitably arise about the renewal of democracy, its representation and its tools. Blockchain, with its encrypted fingerprint, will gain credit while the centralized and institutionalized system, in the hands of a ministry it would be easy to discredit. Parallel universes, such as the Metaverse sandAnd Through its own laws of property, interaction, creation and consumption will open up a new political paradigm that may have value as a reference. Indeed, virtual assets prevail over tangible assets – retrieved Sebastian MassartVice President of Dassault Systems on the occasion of the anticipation cycle – shifting the center of gravity of value systems.

It is no longer the time to wonder about a rapidly evolving world. On the other hand, it is always possible to give meaning to it. The real danger is letting technology take over. the abandonment of discrimination under the pretext of developing an alternative intelligence; to give in to laziness. We are the amazing generation. The one who experienced acceleration stuck into the seat, headlights in the face. without understanding everything. Innate distrust Alpha generation And its maturity in terms of technologies could reflect the movement. By noting the clumsy affection they feel for the planet at times, many social scientists evoke the return of a utopia, and others point to a new idyllicity of the Earth. Phenomenology we must be attentive to because it can give this meaning which we have so much difficulty in finding. It is up to us to finally accept that the earth is not only a resource but also an ideal.

Written by Jean-Christophe Fromantin, Forecast Delegate, Research Associate at ETI Paris-Sorbonne, Marlene Péréné, CEO of Digitowl School, and Gilles Mentry, President of Electis

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