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Shopping in Paris? Here’s a fashion editor’s guide to the stores you shouldn’t miss

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Cool concepts

Merci Maison is a multi-brand concept in the Marais with changing themes and an effervescent atmosphere. Kids will love the selection of crafts and puzzles, while adults can shop for everything from premium toothpaste to linens, jewelry, and more. It’s the kind of place that makes you think, “I am Do Need a wand pen,” because they manage to make cheesy-filled merchandise look chic overall. Located near Marc Opolo, this is a small multi-brand boutique offering a wide range of men’s trainers, whiskeys, vodkas, and independent jewelry designers.

A pair of Chanel ballet flats. Marco Del Grande

old guard

If you have the stamina, vintage shopping in Paris can offer you many rewards. At Bobby’s in Les Halles, miniskirts by Courrèges are lined atop rows of ballet flats by Chanel. Take the time to really dig here – there are many treasures to discover. Do you have more time (and energy)? Dear Merci, this VIP is a quatre vitrines in an immeuble in Republique, dedicated to hommes and femmes, and it is just in Louise’s heart, the depot-vent of luxury où abondent of Gucci Jackie’s années 70 sacks (I’m not joking).

French street

French brands like Sézane, Agnès B, Souer, APC, and Officine Générale are well worth your time. Sézane has some pretty blouses in store for you, Agnès B is your go-to for modern hinges, Soeur has a range of bohemian styles, APC is the undisputed denim king in town, and Officine Générale is absolutely gorgeous (its outerwear in particular is pinnacle ). And don’t forget to check out Swedish street favorite Arket, which is a bit like Kos but, according to my designer friend Vivi Milne, a lot better (her shop in the Marais also has nice coffee).

For lovers of beauty

Interior design of the Embassy of Biological Research at 32 avenue des Champs-Elysées.

Beauty junkies are well catered for in this city—the department stores, in particular, carry a wide range of French brands, including Biologique Recherche, Violette_FR, and Maison Flamel. Oh generous! It has several locations around the city and is a bit like Mecca’s quieter French cousin.

Single stars

One of the best things about shopping in Paris is the city’s love of department stores. Are you after jam? Head to Chambre aux Confumes. mustard? The Boutique Maille on the Place de la Madeleine. Sardines? Not Belle Eloise. white shirts? want new. I’ve found stores dedicated to everything from headbands (Alexandre de Paris) to striped lingerie (Henriette H). There is something special about a store that only sells one thing, and they do it very well. It’s kind of bragging, of course — we do it better than anyone else — but hey, it’s okay to brag when what you’re saying is the truth.

best memories

The exhibition “Jacquemus Obsession” opened at Galeries Lafayette earlier this month. GT

for a special fragrance | Attar H Briton, yes, but let’s forget that for a moment and move on to the chic new Parisian hotspots (there’s one on Vieille du Temple street and one inside Le Bon Marché). Lynn Harris is one of the most famous perfumers in the world, and her own line is upscale. An orange candle can change your life, and the powdery scent is perfect.

For a unique gift | Astier de Villatte on rue Saint-Honoré offers signature ceramics for a euro, but also try Boleslove in the Marais.

for delicious taste | There is no shortage of chocolate in the city, but among the best are Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, Elisabeth, and Jean-Paul Hévin (all different).

Paris is a chocoholics paradise.

For a non-stick keepsake | Get a book stamped with the Shakespeare and Company logo. Bonus points if it’s in French.

Shakespeare & Co. Library on the Left Bank of the Seine. Tony Wright

A bag that doesn’t break the bank | Polène, next to the Place des Vosges, is a bit like the French Oroton: classic leather goods at prices you just can’t refuse.

Unexpected for a French hour | Big brands are all over town, but there’s a growing movement (pun intended) toward independent watch companies. Serica Watches, on Chabon Street, offers many handmade styles for men.

for jewelry | The city is full of fine and vintage jewelry stores (although Tiany Chambard, known for its excellent collection of vintage jewelry, is closed), but for something very Parisian, head to Aurélie Bidermann rue Royale or Redline rue Saint-Honored, filled with independent designers.

Jewelry designer Corina Mihaila wears a Yves St Laurent coat, Louis Vuitton shoes and an Alexander McQueen bag, topped with Gucci sunglasses and fine jewelry from Stéfère, her own label. GT

Where to go when you’re done shopping (but want more fashion)

Galerie Dior, which opened last year, is the city’s largest fashion museum dedicated to a single designer. Even just stepping inside is a sight to behold: Diorama’s display (get it?) of Dior’s baby clothes and accessories, in gradient hues, provides the backdrop as you climb the stairs to the galleries. This permanent exhibition is truly special, offering insight into the short life of Christian Dior (he died just 10 years after founding his work) and the legacy that subsequent creative directors have kept.

If you like all things Yves, don’t miss the Museum of Yves Saint Laurent at 5 Avenue Marceau. GT

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum is located nearby, in the designer’s former studio. The museum displays through the month of May gold, an exhibition on Saint Laurent’s use of bright colors in her designs. And just around the corner is the Palais Galliera, the only museum dedicated to fashion (in a general sense) in the city (surprise, isn’t it?). Big Bang Fashion 1997 It just opened and will run until July 16th.

For those who have ’90s style, this is a must-have. Capturing the seismic changes in fashion that occurred in 1997 (Stella McCartney came to Chloe, Alexander McQueen to Givenchy, the tragic death of Gianni Versace), it provides fascinating context for the industry today (a great feast for the eyes).

Finally, a trip to the Azzedine Ali Foundation is highly recommended. This small gallery is located within the grounds of Alaïa’s former workshop and celebrates his influence on the world of fashion. End the visit with a moment at the gallery’s charming café, wedged under the interior courtyard’s original glass ceiling.

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