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Is there more than common sense at work?

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Contrary to popular belief, common sense is rare in a company. locked in Hierarchical binding straitjacketMost people restrict themselves from using common sense and thus from taking the initiative that results from it. but why ? However, by creating favorable conditions in which each individual feels entitled to use common sense, to take the initiative, the situation can be radically changed.

In most companies visited or accompanied, it is always remarkable how much the majority of people restrain themselves from any form of recourse to common sense, though this clearly seems to us to be the right solution, the right reaction to adopt. A condition that can be found everywhere, regardless of the sector, company size, “line of business” or entity involved. But why this blockage?

Fixed hierarchy

The reason is, in fact, very simple. Often these are collaborative or managerial people, who do not feel empowered by the organization, the hierarchy, or their environment, to express themselves, to do something out of the ordinary, to choose common sense and, in doing so, to show initiative. By taking on a form of fear, they remain immobilized by fear of the ‘backlash’ by the organisation, and of their own hierarchy.

As it is, it is much easier for an employee to do nothing out of the ordinary, or even to do nothing at all, to accept something that will in no way affect his pay sheet, or even sometimes to accept the unacceptable, than to take Initiative with the risk of moving the organization and taking responsibility. Behind this inertia is a pre-existing hierarchical structure that creates an unfavorable environment, even if it is clear that the principles set forth in 1911 by Taylor The “scientific principles of management” now often disabled.

Because, today, he expects something completely different from the employee. We no longer only expect him to do his job, but we also expect him to have the ability to take initiatives and adapt to his environment. In any case, this is the only way to prevent the manager from becoming what he most often is, a bottleneck that slows down the organization’s reaction to his detriment, without realizing it.

If this limit exists, it is not because it has been thought of in a cognitive way: on the contrary, it is a blind spot that leaves the employee in a state of frustration, because of his inability to act and his gradual resignation; The manager finds himself alone in dealing and thinking about innovation or initiatives.

How do you create an organization where free will and common sense can be expressed?

Before we want to change people, as in permaculture, we will focus on the environment rather than the object in order to ensure lasting and profound change – because how many people have I seen transformed as a result of a training seminar that after two months in the business lost everything -. By relying above all on the famous concept of “training to 3 p or Permission + Protection = Power »This question relates, among other things, that the publication of Hulu in organizations makes it possible to answer, which establishes as a fundamental principle the fact that everything that is not expressly prohibited is permitted and gives express authorization to all employees to act in their spirit and conscience in the service of common sense and organization .

But, even without going that far, it is also possible to establish a simple rule that applies to all and endorses and upholds the free will of each individual within the organization, as described in the bookIsaac Getz The “liberated company”, eg the housekeeper who, alone at night in the building, decides to borrow the company car to pick up a forgotten client at the airport.

What are you involved in? Actually, that’s what we’re talking about. A collaborator using her free will and common sense. The customer appreciates that. well done! This housekeeper is in every way in line with the needs of her organization, which is also a liberating company. This is possible because the Organization, in advance, has given each one within it, express authorization to exercise their free will. In short, the organization would rather an employee do something wrong than do anything. Better a bad decision than no decision. Because it is the second option that causes the most damage to the organization.

This is precisely the power we find in a constitutional administration of the holacracic type. Each person has the right, subject to express conditions, to take an individual initiative that allows him to act outside the limits of his power or even sometimes to break the rules of the game if he deems in his soul and conscience that it will do him more harm. The organization has to do something.

Therefore, unleashing common sense and individual initiative within companies is not a trivial thing. However, in and of itself, nothing complicated to set up. If it were not for giving express mandate to each individual to assert and put his free will at the service of the company, which one makes clear by constitutional administration. Hence it is up to each employee to exercise this freedom or not.

Tribune written by Louis Chequet, iGi Partner

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