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A DEVO documentary is in the works

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DEVO’s first fully licensed documentary is currently in production.

Produced by VICE Studios and Library Films In association with Mutato EntertainmentAnd defo Directed by Chris Smith (“SR.”, American movieAnd fireAnd Tiger KingAnd 100 ft wave).

BMG (Monague DaydreamingAnd DIO: Dreams Never Die), Fremantle documentaries (Mrs. Americana) and Warner Music Group (Love, LizzoAnd Tom Petty: Somewhere You Feel Free: Making Wildflowers) All producers in the project.

In telling DEVO’s story, the film will use “a mixture of archive footage, interviews from other characters in their orbit, and a range of storytelling techniques.”

Recently, Gerald Casale of DEVO discussed the origins of the band’s classic rock original “Whip It” on an episode of The story behind the song. You can revisit the episode below.


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