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The White Lotus star for directing a crying Michelle Zauner in H Mart

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white lotus Star Will Sharp will go behind the camera to direct the film adaptation Crying at H-Martthe bestselling memoir by Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast.

said the BAFTA-nominated writer and director the people. “Some of the descriptions of jet lag in your family’s kitchen felt very familiar to me.”

Sharp continued by saying that he could relate to Zunner’s experiences “growing up around Korean food and cooking Korean food,” recalling “going to 7-Elevens and convenience stores in Tokyo and the dumplings my mom used to make when I was sick.” He added, “I felt like I could relate to that.” In descriptions of Korean porridge or kimchi and how important that is to Michelle and how the food can have certain other things in it about your life.”


Zauner said that “Sharpe’s sensitivity as a director and actor, his ability to find humor and grace in the tragedy of everyday life, and his personal experience, having grown up between two cultures, make him the perfect director for this film.” She also cited Sharpe’s dark British comedy series flowers — which he directed and directed — as well as the movie The Electric Life of Louis Wayne as examples of his ability to “find humor and grace in everyday tragedy.”

This past March, Zunner shared an update on the feature film, saying she was being hardcore with her script. “I just finished the first draft of the script,” she revealed. “My producers really like it, so I hope the review process isn’t too harsh. And yeah, I hope it comes out sometime in the next couple of years. I just play a lot of festivals and get back on the road, and Crying at H-Mart the film [will arrive] Maybe sometime in the next few years.

In season 2 of white lotusSharpe played tech entrepreneur Ethan Speller, husband of Aubrey Plaza’s Harper Speller. He also appeared in the 2019 BBC drama Jerry / Haji As Rodney Yamaguchi. Directed 2021 HBO miniseries Landscaping.


As for Zauner, Beck and Phoenix will accompany her as a Japanese breakfast on select dates of their joint summer tour. Tickets are available now via StubHub – orders are 100% guaranteed through StubHub’s FanProtect Program.

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