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Rick Ross’ buffalo pets are causing havoc around the neighborhood

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rick Ross’ neighbors had a falling out with two of his pet buffaloes, who had mistaken the neighboring property for prairie land and could now pose a danger to the residents.

According to TMZ, the two residents of Ross’s 235-acre estate in Fayetteville, Ga., dubbed “Land of Promise,” have begun crossing property lines regularly and grazing in neighboring yards, raising concerns about the adult animal’s close proximity. She weighs 2,000 lbs. for residents and their children. In a bystander video that accompanies the report, the horned beasts appear completely docile, though they seem out of place roaming among parked cars, street trash cans, and a few regular people casually interacting with wildlife. Watch the clip below.

An attempt by a neighbor to confront Teflon without The rap allegedly led to a verbal dispute with a member of Ross’ team. The unidentified person later called the police, who did not take a report because the matter was a civil dispute. Still plotting to take his neighbor’s dispute to town, the complainant plans.


Buffalo was acquired by Rick Ross in March 2022 by his business partners at clothing brand Ethika, joining the four horses and bulls he currently inhabits. Although the neighbors’ photo records reveal significant damage to their lawn thanks to the hooves of his bovine companions, the gardening disaster doesn’t seem to bother their owner’s landscaper, who turns out, in fact, to be Ross himself.

Not long ago, Da Boss caught his home’s interiors on fire after a video showing his accumulating collection of clothes and shoes sparked speculation about whether the rapper had become a hoarder. Meanwhile, outside his mansion, Ross admits that he refused to get into the Tesla for fear it would lead him to the police.

Looks like Ross has his own transportation arranged as he wraps up the Grammys with JAY-Z and DJ Khaled in an extravagant rendition of “God Did.”


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