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Summits 2023: An unmissable event for business leaders and CEOs

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Summits 2023, a major event for business leaders and CEOs, will be held this year from April 3-5 in Meribel, in the heart of the Three Valleys. During these three days, participants will be able to dedicate themselves to strategic thinking about the challenges ahead for companies and about means of transformation to remain attractive and responsible.

Sharing and exchanging experiences among peers, experts, thinkers, artists and high-level athletes will be an opportunity to breathe and inspire. The 2023 edition of the Summits will highlight three areas of thinking: transforming the world, transforming organizations and transforming people. This year’s Summits aim to be ambitious, in tune with current issues, to allow participants to gain height and project their future selves.

Xavier Wargnier, you are the founder of Les Sommets, what is the ambition of this seventh edition in Meribel?

Xavier Wargner: In this ambiguous context of many companies where everything is changing and must change quickly, organizations are necessarily forced to transform and our task is to support decision makers in their thinking. In all transformations: leadership, production, digital, management, strategy, meaning, vision … Through high-level conferences, workshops, extraordinary activities, but above all exchanges between participants and experts, we help to take the height and give some keys to return After that to his company by inspiration.

How is “Les Sommets” different?

We’ve created a context to create an inspiring event where the atmosphere is unique, I think. For example, at summits, communication takes place in gondolas privatized for the occasion, at night, with mulled wine: stadium gondoliers! But above all over the course of the three days we create, thanks to the magic of the mountain, favorable conditions to live an experience of participation outside of time to properly oxygenate the neurons. I would usually say that the brilliance is present on stage with wonderful and rarely inspiring speakers, but also in the auditorium with the festival-goers and all the decision-makers and those who share their experiences and knowledge with the association.

What exactly is the programme?

Thanks to the tremendous work of Sophie Guignard Lacroix, my partner of two years, the program is once again exceptional and diverse with economists, philosophers, CEOs, sports champions, adventurers, comedians, writers…. If I had to name a few names, we would have Sylvain Tesson (author, writer, adventurer) , Daniel Cohen (Economist), Philippe Perlan (La Redout), Anne Broois (Club Med), Romain Millet (Millet Mateen Group), Brune Poirson (Accur), Guerlain Chicheret (Multiple World Champion and Multiple Entrepreneur),….

Why Meribel?

Mountain magic and what could be more inspiring about this place in the heart of the Three Valleys for an altitude hike? Above all, I believe that living an experience like Les Sommets, bringing together 300 mountain decision-makers helps break down barriers and create a world conducive to exchanges.

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