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La Renaissance Paris, second-hand luxury creates the event

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Behind an ingenious woman are two brands – La Renaissance Paris and Janisa Concept Store. Two complementary entities that combine luxury, environmental responsibility and the human dimension.

This is the story of a strong woman…

“Strong woman,” is how the diminutive nickname affectionately attributed to Jamila Sangar by her relatives is translated. Courageous and committed, the founder of La Renaissance Paris and Janisa Concept Store is a woman who holds her head high. A mother of four, she felt fulfilled and fulfilled in her life as a woman and mother, and felt the need to make herself useful. Passionate about fashion and designers and inspired by the world of luxury, Jamila threw herself body and soul into a world that resembled her. Equipped with a business school degree, with her head firmly on her shoulders, she cut her teeth at a fashion agency that specializes in providing clothing advice. A personal assistant and then an executive assistant at a prestigious luxury brand, Jamila learned a lot during her debut in the fashion world.

When the idea of ​​creating his own brand came up, the health crisis slowed his momentum, but his ambition and desire to follow his dream spawned an ethical and environmentally responsible marketplace for designer brands from around the world: Janisa Concept Shop. In 2021, La Renaissance Paris is added to the projects of a businessman who will stop at nothing.

La Renaissance Paris: an innovative concept dedicated to pre-owned luxury

Bringing together luxury professionals under one roof to offer the sale of iconic, second-hand pieces: La Renaissance Paris is a new kind of concept store. Halfway between a pop-up shop and an associative couture outfit, La Renaissance Paris, besides selling pre-owned luxury items, also incorporates a strong international dimension. An event organized in October of the same year, on the sidelines of Fashion Week, the first to be organized also under the brand name, confirms the enthusiasm of professionals and fashionistas for pre-owned luxury products.

La Renaissance Paris are one-off events organized in emblematic venues in the capital that bring together professionals and a luxury clientele of used and vintage. The founder and driver of the idea, Jamila takes care of the whole organization of each event, which she masterfully orchestrates down to the last detail.

Janisa Concept Store: Creation, Ethics, the Environment and the Philanthropic Dimension

How do you reconcile fashion, luxury, and events, and the union and human dimensions? By giving Janisa Concept Store a new impetus in 2022, Jamila Sangar is giving life to a mission close to her heart: promoting fashion designers from around the world and highlighting their work and their environmentally responsible approach. Through the Janisa Concept Store, a beautiful vision of humanity that shows fashion designers’ commitment and respect for the environment and people in the design and manufacture of their products.

Parallel to the dizzying evolution of fast fashion, Janisa Concept Store invites responsible and smart thinking and buying. Through cleverly organized designer events, the brand proves that fashion, sustainable development and environmental responsibility are perfectly compatible. Along with designer fashion items and accessories, Janisa Concept Store gives pride of place to the causes it is all about. For example, a charity sale of clothes and lithographs was organized last February with Rens Lipsius, an artist passionate about iconography involved with several institutions in Zimbabwe.

An entrepreneur at heart and generous, Jamila Sanghari has a head full of ideas. Today, at 142 rue Saint-Honoré, she opens her first concept store and beyond the borders of France she plans to develop projects. To be closely monitored…

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