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Traitors fans are going hysterical over Claudia Winkelmann’s French “Down” parody

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Dawn French was (sort of) a little better known as Claudia Winkleman in a BBC One spoof traitors for comic relief.

the Deputy Dibley The star wore Winkleman’s signature black bangs to paint along with one of the star’s giant turtleneck sweaters that gradually covered her entire face.

“I’m actually Claudia Winklemann: part woman, part bangs,” French told the contestants.

“Looks like it’s time to talk,” she continues. “And during this discussion, I will run around this table constantly saying scary things and looking absolutely gorgeous.” »

In one scene, a French woman slashes her limb with a curtain rod.

Among the ‘contestants’ is Alyson Hammond, who has just been confirmed as Matt Lucas’ replacement. The Great British Bake Off, Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mary Berry, Stephen Merchant, Danny Dyer, Jennifer Saunders and two real traitors Rivals from the first season.

It is eventually revealed that one of the masked contestants is Claudia Winklemann, who accuses French of being a traitor.

“Look, you don’t look like me,” she said, “you’re not as hairy as I am, and your wig is so much better than mine.”

Fans loved the clip on social media, calling it one of the “funniest things” they had seen on Comic Relief “in years”.

“I can’t stop laughing. Dawn French pulls off Claudia Winkleman’s bangs like no other. One fan wrote.

“Comedy. Gold,” wrote another next to an excerpt from the sketch.

Elsewhere in the Red Nose Day show, black viper Fans rejoiced at Baldrick’s return after 20 years.

The show’s producers were also criticized for a skit in which David Walliams joked about his role as a judge. British talent The comedian was recently replaced on the show after a leaked recording heard him making sexual comments about a contestant in 2020.

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