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Biologique Recherche, an increasingly visible Made in France ambassador in Switzerland

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At Biologique Recherche, word choice is very important. “Beauty Embassy” instead of the “Instant Diagnosis” institute de Peau©”, “Treatments” P50, VIP O2And Biofixine or Vernix mask »…, the nuggetH The French have always wanted to stand out. profitable strategy to put it primarily at the expense of its revolutionary aesthetic protocols that have a large following community, from Hollywood toSetting of the Ritz Paris. The tricolor label is now set to gain market share in Switzerland, entrusting its development to Tatiana Borisova. A country that is not easy because you have to beat well-established giants. Meeting in Zurich at the Embassy of Biological Research.

I co-created Biologique Recherche in Switzerland, a French brand that came to dig into the territory of the country’s big names. What earned you at Biologique Recherche ?

Tatyana Buresoocytes I have always been sensitive to the world of beauty, cosmetics and luxury. Since I was 14 years old, I have been going to spas! One day, I tried the Biologique Recherche treatment and saw amazing results on my acne-prone skin. A friend gave me P50 lotion which turned out to be very effective. Although it is excellent, beautiful Swiss brands do not combine cosmetic and care products in their formulations, it did not suit me. Actually, I wanted to understand the idiosyncrasy of Biologique Recherche so I went to the headquarters in Paris.

Where is the difference Biologique Recherche ?

First, a glimpse of the founders: Evan Alloush and his wife, Josette, were respectively a biologist and a physiotherapist. So it was not manufacturers who got into the field of cosmetics, but scientists. Immediately, I discovered the methodology. The brand designs and manufactures its products and protocols exclusively in France. Original formulas contain high doses and consist only of natural or biotechnological active ingredients with no fragrance. P50 forms one of the pillars, this lotion accelerates the natural process of skin resurfacing, rebuilds the epidermal shield, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain pH. I found out that many celebrities made no secret of using it.

As an entrepreneur, Visit was not completely indifferent. In fact, I did not understand why Biologique Recherche was absent from the Swiss market, such a strategic destination! So I opened discussions with the managers to look into setting up.

Zurich Embassy for Biological Research © Tatyana Borisova

How do you explain the absence of Biologique Recherche in this neighboring country ?

Switzerland was not a priority target because there are already iconic brands here. It’s also all about chances and feeling, Alloush’s family needed to count on a good following right away. After my visit to Paris, I decided to write an article on this subject in Must, a publication distributed in palaces in Switzerland. My article fell into the hands of the director of the soon-to-open Alpina Gstaad.

I was approached by a manager who wanted to work with this French brand for their spa. Everything accelerated after that… I found myself pretending to be a “Biologique Recherche ambassador”, prompting the company to trust me by launching itself on the market. As in France, Switzerland has a year-round local and international clientele.

toAfter Hotel Alpina Gstaad, how did you manage to continue your expansion into the luxury hotel industry?

One of my first clients was the famous Four Seasons Geneva Les Bergues, a legendary address frequented by elites from all over the world. This cooperation allowed me to establish my reputation. She then collaborated with the Palais de Montreux, the Royal Savoy Lausanne, the Bürgenstock Hotel and the prestigious Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz. At the same time, the demand for Biologique Recherche treatments continued to grow, and she finally decided to open two parent companies for the brand, Biologique Recherche Embassy Geneva and Zurich.

Tatyana Borisova: The difference between us begins with a glimpse of the founders: Evan Alloush and his wife, Josette, were respectively a biologist and a physiotherapist. So it was not manufacturers who got into the field of cosmetics, but scientists.

Compared to hotel resortsThis is amazing, to What experienceHnothing sWait at the “Biologique Recherche Embassies” ?

everyone ! In hotels, we are restricted in terms of treatments and machines, unlike our embassies, which offer the full range of our expertise. You also get all of our products, on top of which we often don’t have three of our bestsellers: P50, Vernix mask, VIP O2 kit, and Biofixine. At our new address in Zurich, the feedback from our customers is incredible! The Zurich Embassy team has been trained in the Biologique Recherche methodology and is at the service of those who want to have a high-performance and different experience.

A comprehensive skin assessment is first performed. Based on this analysis, your Instant de Peau© treatment protocol is applied. Single and double treatment cabins are spread over the floors, welcoming you in a relaxed atmosphere.

L’Ambassade Biologique Recherche from Zurich aussi la particularite de seuer dans une exclusive rue dédiée au bien-être dans all his son expression: esthetique, form, santé, nutrition, is the rue Freigutstrasse…a sorte d’Avenue Montaigne du Psychological comfort. We could only be fitted here for this particular hotel with typical 19th century Zurich charm. The experience is more private and exclusive.

Some hotels have developed their own clinics, and they go beyond the spa experience to offer aesthetic procedures. Do you think you will turn in this direction? ?

Being so present in mountainous areas, we should avoid abrasive treatments that use lasers due to the contrast of cold/hot, and snow/sun. So the skin is more fragile. Global warming is also a reality at altitudes with more sunshine. It is mainly necessary to nourish the skin, not to change the color of the skin, therefore, in the case of resorting to Botox, the product can travel inwards, outside the injection area. I’ve spoken to doctors who were adamant about this.

In these locations, we notice that clients prefer our advanced treatments such as mesotherapy and micropuncture lab machine. This technology micro-stimulates the skin’s collagen production within the skin, in order to obtain a softening and regenerating effect thanks to the penetration of the Regeneration Activator Cocktail, a serum loaded with 58 active ingredients such as peptides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The patented body lift is also so successful, in fact, that it was the treatment of choice for company founder Evan Alloush. After these treatments, results are visible immediately.

What are your plans for 2023 ?

Continuously working to maintain the same level of experience and the same standards of excellence in each of our addresses. Today’s customer doesn’t want “delicious tastes”, they demand efficiency and want to see before/after. I will also focus my efforts on highlighting our embassies as our hotels are already world famous.

For more :

Embassy of Biological Research in Zurich

Freigutstraße 10

8002 Zurich


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