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Albert Kodenach (CEO Elmi): “We manage the energy of partner producers, valuing their renewable energy production on a daily basis”

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Elmy is a 100% green electricity supplier. Meet Albert Kodenach, CEO of elmy

What is a scientific principle (introduce the company in a few words)?

Albert Kodenach: In the face of current and future climate challenges, the energy sector must develop dramatically and we must go beyond the simple supply of energy. To achieve maximum impact on the environmental transition, elmy, as an integrated and 100% renewable energy company since 2015, controls the entire electricity value chain, from production to consumption, without any intermediary.

Concretely, we manage our partner producers’ energy within our equilibrium limits, and estimate their renewable energy production on a daily basis.

To close the loop, we invest in the development of renewable production assets in France and thus encourage the emergence of new projects. This virtuous model ensures that our consumer customers (individuals, professionals or communities) cover 100% of their energy needs with direct and French renewable supplies. Thus, together with us, they contribute to the development of renewable energies and an energy transition that takes place with respect for the land, the environment and the citizens.

How did this idea come about?

I have noticed that the energy market is evolving from a classic centralized model with large resources, to a proliferation of renewable energy producers. I realized that there are few alternative solutions in terms of energy management, and none of them have experience with renewables.

After that, I wanted to change the way energy is managed and its actors by providing solid expertise in renewable energies, and technological contribution, taking into account the human being and the environment at the heart of the economic model.

What are my short-term scientific goals?

In a very chaotic energy market for nearly two years, our short-term goal is to consolidate our position as an integrated energy company committed to the green transition. A just environmental transformation will require system change, to which we can and must contribute. To do this, we bet on investments in new renewable energy production assets, on collection, self-consumption, and people.

In 2023, we will focus our efforts on the development phase of solar energy projects (about 20 megawatts throughout the year), by starting projects and managing their production.

In terms of renewable energy management, elmy’s goal is to build a portfolio of at least 500 GWh of annual production to cover the supply needs of our customers on a monthly basis.

Finally, to further engage and support our customers in the energy transition, we are implementing several self-consumption solutions for individuals and professionals alike.

To support its goals, we launched an ambitious hiring plan of 65 people, across all of the company’s businesses and activities, with a focus on customer service and IT teams.

What is your business model?

It’s hard to pick one! We have many different activities within elmy: development of renewable energy projects, production of renewable energy, energy recovery and management, supply to individuals and professionals … Each activity has its own economic model. The common element is the promotion of renewable energy. By selling the electrons produced by renewable energy sources at a fair price, we ensure the viability of our business model. By providing a high level of expertise and quality service, we ensure its sustainability.

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

We don’t choose to be entrepreneurs, we choose career projects, life projects. And already in my case, I chose to build a project around renewable energies and environmental transformation.

For three reasons: first to move the lines and bring about subtle changes in the sector, which sometimes struggles to challenge itself, then to align with my environmental values ​​and finally to humanize the management of the company.

Do you want to deliver a specific message?

The company has an essential role to play in the development of society.

In my knowledge, we have made employee welfare a priority. Several structuring choices have been made in the company, such as creating a hack-inspired organization, an extended and mandatory second parental leave, or even a 4-day week for all employees.

Allowing for this professional/personal balance is essential, especially today in the midst of the pension debate! But what you need to remember is that this does not affect the company’s performance. On the contrary, the benefits are only better! The welfare and motivation of employees is a guarantee for creating added value in the future.

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