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Jenna Ortega originally passed on playing Wednesday Addams

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Before Gina Ortega was announced as the reigning scream queen of Gen Z, she was a permanent fixture on shows like You, Jane the Virgin, and Disney Channel stuck in the middle. But film has always been the main goal for the actor, which is why she gave up playing the titular role for Netflix Wednesday — several times — before she was finally tricked into the Addams Family.

Ortega talked about becoming wednesday addams and the ensuing chaos in a recent profile with times UK, stating that she had not auditioned for the role. “I’ve done so many TV shows in my life, all I wanted to do was movies,” she said of her initial instinct to pass. “When I first started acting, I don’t want to say no one believed in me, but at the same time no one believed in me. You have to prove yourself.”

She continued, “Only in the last three or four years have I been able to start in cinema. I was afraid that signing up for another TV show might prevent me from doing other jobs that I really wanted and cared about. The only reason I came back was because Tim [Burton] is such a myth, and we just happen to get along very well. But even then I said, “Uh, no — I think I’m fine,” a couple [more] times. “


When Ortega finally decided to go for pigtail braids and collared dresses, I assumed Wednesday “It just won’t be seen,” believing the show to be just “a nice little gem for someone to find.” Instead, it garnered 341.23 million watch hours in its premiere week, breaking the viewership record set by Netflix. Weird things Season 4: Some of its success may have been due to Ortega’s nuanced portrayal of Wednesday, having choreographed this viral goth and even tweaking her lines in place.

From an outsider’s perspective, he took it upon himself Wednesday It didn’t seem to hinder Ortega’s endeavors for a movie; In just the past two years, she’s starred in Ti West’s X The two most recent combinations of Scream franchise. Next on her docket, she’s set to star in an untitled feature film opposite The Weeknd, and has reportedly been offered a role in the highly anticipated film. beetle juice Sequel to Lydia Dietz’s Daughter. and oh yeah, Wednesday gets a second season.

Ortega also recently marked a bucket list staple by hosting this past weekend Saturday Night Live.


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