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Invest responsibly – an interview with the Youth Platform

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The cryptocurrency sector is going through a unique moment characterized by an unprecedented bear market and crisis of confidence. In this context, CEX (Central Exchanges or Centralized Exchanges) must reinvent itself to prove its credibility to investors. The Youth Platform is one such platform. It has chosen to focus on education to inform its users and assist them in their investment journey. Ambroise Hélène, Young Platform Country Director, gave us an exclusive interview. In this interview, we will discuss the basics of investing in cryptocurrency according to the youth platform. We will also address the issue of security of platform users’ funds.

What would you advise readers about investing based on your professional experience? How should they direct their research in this area, and what tools do they have for doing so?

As a cryptocurrency exchange, our job is not to provide investment advice to users of our platform. Our mission is rather to provide them with the necessary tools and information to enable them to invest with complete peace of mind. However, we can recommend some investment best practices.

In our experience, in order to have profitable investments in this sector, you must be able to diversify your portfolio. You also need to be disciplined enough to set specific goals and stick to them. This helps to develop an effective investment strategy.

There are many investment products on the market today that promote high returns in the short term. Unfortunately, these products often create a Synthetic foam. It is a fear of missing out on the next opportunity and is also detrimental to the growth of the ecosystem. It leads some investors to make irrational decisions based on emotions.

in home Youth platformWe support a rational long-term investment. This is why we provide our users with tools and technologies such as DCAWhich protects them from price fluctuations in the market. This also explains why the lowest analysis timeframe is daily (D1). However, other exchanges allow customers to run analyzes down to the second.

We also provide our users with a complete educational app. The goal is to allow them to learn about the cryptocurrency market without taking unnecessary risks. They can then progress at their own pace before making major investments.

It is important to note that it can take a long time for an individual to find clear and reliable information in the field of crypto investments. Therefore, we decided to provide our users with the most important information to know before investing in cryptocurrencies on our platform. This includes information about the crypto ecosystem in general, the technologies used, specific projects, and much more. Although this journey may seem tedious, it is essential to prepare our users to invest in cryptocurrencies with confidence.

In your opinion, what aspect should the user focus on when choosing to invest in a project?

When a user chooses to invest in a project, he must first keep in mind that he should only invest money that he is willing to lose, regardless of the project in question. This allows him not to confuse his emotions with his investment.

You know, we’re going through unsettled times in general. It is characterized by an increase in major prices and increased regulation of the crypto sector. As a result, the usual fundamental and technical analyzes are no longer enough to invest in the market.

So users should focus on and better understand the projects they are targeting, just as a venture capitalist would. The mission and vision of the project, as well as the team leading it, should guide their choice, rather than the path of the cryptocurrency.

you all Defending Responsible investment with peace of mind thanks to educating users. Is this philosophy realistic?

Young Platform’s philosophy of quietly advocating responsible investment by educating its users is pragmatic. We strongly believe in empowering our users when it comes to investing. We believe this can be achieved through our educational platform. Concretely, to achieve this, we take great care in carefully selecting the cryptocurrencies offered on the platform. This helps protect our users’ experience and prevent scams.

Next, the suggested minimum timescale for analytics on our platform is 24 hours. We believe this fits better with the investment habits of our French users. The goal is not to get them emotionally involved. We do not want to encourage them to constantly monitor their investments and to suffer unnecessary stress for every volatility.

In addition, we provide Hodl Plans Customized to meet each investor’s wealth goals, with a specific investment calendar that adapts to each profile.

Finally, we have added additional features to our platform to allow our users to invest in a more emotionally detached way. All of these elements help protect users from Food and the fomo that prevail in the market.

You place a strong emphasis on the relaxed approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. what is the reason ?

Unlike many players in the market, we are convinced that long-term investing is the best approach to protecting your wealth. We prefer this over short term investments which are often exposed to the negative effects of FUD and FOMO.

It is important to note only that 10% of new users In trading they are able to keep some of their initial investment. In fact, a large portion of beginners are lured by the risky products and promises of high returns offered by traditional platforms. This only increases the chances of losing capital.

Unfortunately, even the crypto ecosystem is affected by this situation. There are some influential traders who promote altcoins without worrying about the risk of loss to their community members.

However, by taking a relaxed approach and choosing long-term investments, investors can protect their wallets and their sanity. Thus, BTC Hodlers who have held their initial investment for more than four years have not incurred any losses. This indicates the importance of our approach.

The topic of security for your users is still there, what functions have you developed for this purpose on your platform? Finally, the transparency of the platform in which an investor puts their trust is more important than ever, what have you done to ensure this for your users?

The FTX financial scandal has brought the safety of users’ funds back to the fore. Fortunately, in Youth platformThe safety of our users’ funds is our top priority. We are well aware of the risks investors may face in the crypto market and we want to help them invest with confidence. For this, we do not take any risk of jealously separating our users’ funds from the company’s funds. We have also selected the tokens listed on our platform for their reliability and market relevance. This allows us to limit the risks to our users.

We are constantly striving to improve the security on our platform to ensure its robustness. We have developed our brokerage system to avoid unnecessary risk. We also believe that transparency is the key to earning user trust. That’s why we communicate openly and honestly with our users.

last words?

We believe our relaxed approach to long-term investing is best for our users. We want to offer them an enjoyable and safe investment experience, away from risky practices that may put their capital at risk.

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