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Rob Halford: The new Judas Priest album is likely to be released in 2024

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Rob Halford has revealed that Judas Priest’s highly anticipated upcoming album will most likely arrive in 2024, after previously hinting at a 2023 release.

The singer discussed the near-finished album in a new interview with Metal Express Radio. The tracks have been recorded, and are now waiting for Metal God to sing.

Halford commented: “As I said on the last Zooms, they are all waiting for me, for all the music is done”. “I have the album right here in front of me, on my laptop, and it looks pretty cool, which you’d expect every musician to say. But I really have to do my job now, and make sure what I’m doing is about the amazing work the guys have done.”


He continued, “So, it’s coming together. He’ll be ready when he’s ready. But we’re trying to stick to a schedule. Hopefully we can do this Ozzy.” [Osbourne] round [kicking off this May in Europe]. Please, Ozzy, be good enough; I think it will. Once we’ve done Ozzy’s tour, we’ll really get to the back end of finishing the record and then maybe we’ll be ready to put that out. I’m saying now — I said 23 — it looks like it’s 24, and it’s not too far off. “

The 2018 follow-up was critically acclaimed firepower It again saw touring guitarist Andy Snape handling production duties. An embarrassing moment occurred this past January when Sneap was dropped from Priest’s touring line-up only to be brought back days later. Halford personally took the blame for the elopement, and both parties seem to have moved on, continuing to work in the studio and prepare for the aforementioned European tour with Ozzy Osbourne in May.

Watch the interview with Halford below.

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