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French director Chloe Mazlou in the skies of Lebanon inspired by the civil war in the fifties of the last century

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A poetic blend of personal and political landscape, Lebanon sky It combines live action and animation to create a vivid picture of Lebanon, inspired by the family history of filmmaker Chloe Mazlo. Using stories his grandmother told him about life during the Lebanese Civil War, Mazlo creates a poignant and heartbreaking love story during the conflict..

In an exclusive interview with Firstpost, Chloe Mazlow said she loved India even though it was her first visit. “I hope to come back again.” Milk sky This is his first feature film. When it comes to portraying a story close to her heart and waiting to be told, it’s the one she heard from her grandmother. It is a love story set in Lebanon in the 1950s in the midst of civil war. Above all, the motivation behind making the movie was to tell this story. My grandmother was born in Switzerland, but she didn’t like life there. I moved to Lebanon and fell in love with the place and its culture. I felt like I was born for the second time. She loved the people, food and close-knit family culture of Lebanon. For me, it is a love letter to the motherland.

The film was selected for the Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival 2020. Speaking about her film, Chloe Mazlo said: “Lebanon sky Under Alice’s Sky is a love story between a Swiss and a Lebanese. This is the story of a young Alice who leaves Switzerland for Lebanon, the sunny and lively country, where she falls in love with Joseph, an astrophysicist who dreams of sending the first Lebanese into space.

Chloe Mazlo was born in Paris, but grew up hearing stories about Lebanon. “Listening to the stories for me, Lebanon became like heaven on earth. Mazlo was drawn to a story Lebanon sky She did not regret the flaws that crept in during the making of the film. ” With Lebanon skyI wanted to tell my family’s stories, using their dialect when they talked about the war. I haven’t found this tone in other films I’ve seen on a particular subject. I grew up fascinated by this country and despite the civil war, my family always felt it was a beautiful country.

When asked if she would remake the movie the same way if given the chance, the director answered without hesitation “If I had to do a remake of the movie, I would do the same!” Perfection His words were very sincere and born of conviction.

A student of visual arts and graphic design, Mazlo sees cinema as an amazing confluence of different art forms and came to it through animation and a desire to tell stories. Celebrating the rich contribution of women filmmakers to the French film industry, “Sky Lebanon” was screened during the two-week French Film Festival organized by the French Embassy in India and the French Institute in India (IFI). at the Indian Habitat Centre. (IHC) in New Delhi on Monday 23rd January 2023.

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