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Does Microsoft and ChatGPT get involved? | Ford will cut 3,200 jobs in Germany

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newsletter ➡ Microsoft will invest billions in its partnership with the creator of ChatGPT | Microsoft will invest Several billion dollars to expand its partnership with Open AICreator of the chatbot chatAccording to a joint statement from the two companies released on Monday. unknown to the general public yet, Open AIwhich was created just 7 years ago, has been much talked about since its launch in November chat. This program was surprised by the quality of its responses, whether it was writing a text on a specific topic, explaining a complex topic in an understandable way or creating a poem. chat You wonder as much as you worry, between a precious tool that saves humans from tedious tasks and the threat of so many jobs that could question its usefulness.

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The agreement announced Monday states that each partner will be able to “independently market products” resulting from the jointly developed technology, based on artificial intelligence. the billion dollars invested by Microsoft It can not only benefit chat But also for other software developed by OpenAI. in the last, Open AI planning to launch Paid version Which should provide faster responses and the ability to interact more frequently with it the Robot conversation.

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the number ➡ 3200 | American automaker stronghold It will be canceled in Germany 3,200 jobsmainly in Regions Administrative Based on the designA spokesman for the German Football Association told AFP on Monday. IG Metal. These deletions will be made “mainly on the Cologne site”, but also “on all sites in Germany” of the US group, this union source explained, after a meeting on Monday between the unions and the company’s management.

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