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An international expert working in the field of corporate cybersecurity

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Faced with the risks of cyber-attacks and massive data leaks that can compromise enterprise activity, CybelAngel offers its expertise to many clients by discovering various vulnerabilities found in their near or far ecosystem. An interview with Erwan Kairaudi, founder and CEO of the company, who in this interview returns to key issues in the cybersecurity sector.

Can you tell us more about CybelAngel’s business and experiences?

CybelAngel’s evolution in the field of cyber security: a sector that has become very strategic for many companies around the world. To be more precise, today we specialize in managing attack surface from any business.

In concrete terms, when a hacker wants to attack a company, he will try to find an entry point, for example, to steal sensitive data or destroy a computer system. Our goal is then to find all of these entry points, both in the customer’s internal network, but also by going to their databases stored in the cloud with outside companies that are not adequately protected. Finally, our External Attack Surface Management solution allows it to go much further, to customer service providers and vendors, who also hold confidential information about the company, and who are often less prepared for this type of attack.

Who do you offer your cyber defense solutions to?

To date, CybelAngel works with many CAC 40 companies, but also with medium-sized (ETI) companies as well as small and medium enterprises. Our clients come from a variety of business sectors.

Logically, the larger the company, the greater its attack surface. However, the cyber defense solutions developed by CybelAngel can be directed at actors of any size; Virtually all companies are concerned with these cyberattack risks.

What are the main risks and challenges in cybersecurity today?

Whether for example hospitals or companies; All of these actors have flaws in their system. It must be assumed that for a hacker to find an entry point, it is only a matter of time. If he has the time and money, the hacker finds it!

CybelAngel can scan the entire Internet infrastructure every day, in order to rapidly detect various threats in real time. There is a real race against time going on between the hackers and their targets, which are the corporations. The internet isn’t static, it’s evolving minute by minute, there’s all the complexity.

To which geopolitical issues are added.

In fact, there are other geopolitical issues. NATO also considers the Internet a war zone on the same level as the earth, sea, sky or space. State and mafia organizations have created tools of mass robbery or mass destruction. Businesses must now take measures to avoid these attacks by protecting their infrastructure; Especially if they are operators of vital importance to a country.

In early December, I was able to fly to Washington during President Macron’s state visit. Sitting next to the head of cybersecurity at the White House, we were able to discuss all of these issues. In the field of the Internet, which affects all countries of the world, it is important to know where your friends are. From a commercial point of view, CybelAngel is developing in Europe, but also in the United States as we also work there with the largest companies.

What are the future prospects for CybelAngel now?

The goal is to solve a global problem, with only a few expert companies like ourselves able to answer it. CybelAngel has, at present, practically no direct competitor in this evolving segment.

Ultimately, our desire is to be able to support all 40 CAC companies, as well as all Fortune 1000 players. Research and development. In this race for innovation that takes the form of a marathon with hackers, if we don’t do this work of constant monitoring and searching, we’re dead.

Since mid-September, we have been developing our view on External Attack Surface Management (EASM) so that we can find entry points and intrusion attempts from outside in real time, for any community in the world. We are one of the few players who are able to introduce such a level of technology with artificial intelligence, which is able to scan the internet in real time. Our show Today it is very popular with the world’s largest companies.

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