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Adrian Falcone, CEO of Wave: “We have designed the first tailor-made trainer, which is aimed at all professionals, regardless of their level of seniority.”

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Who among us has not dreamed of having a professional coach? Wave introduces a new 100% digital training model. Meeting with its CEO, Adrian Falcone.

What is the wave principle?

Adrian Falcon: Wave He is a new generation professional trainer whose goal is to make the benefits of professional training accessible to as many people as possible. To achieve this, we designed the first custom trainer. It is equipped with unprecedented technology of collective intelligence for training.

In concrete terms, we are offering a new 100% digital training model that targets all professionals, regardless of their level of seniority (individual shareholder, director, executive) and companies that want their employees to benefit from it, with a new. Advantages: A coach available year-round without interruption and 24/7, able to provide tailored intellectual and emotional support, without cognitive bias.

The technology / human experience alliance also allows us to offer a personal training model without borders, which makes it easier to give up freedom of expression.

Exchanges with Wave are exclusively online and in writing. He guides, suggests, helps ask the right questions, and encourages progress towards his goal. For example: successfully holding a position, regaining self-confidence, speaking in public, learning to delegate, managing stress, and finding a better balance between professional and personal life.

Group Training Intelligence is led by experts (trained care supervisors and scientists) who train Wave clients using in-house developed methodology. It is supervised by a scientific committee made up of recognized professionals such as Derek Daisy.

Introduce the company in a few words

FA: We all grow by helping others. The best way to do this is to do it with the help of someone whose job it is. The way we define the mission of a professional coach is to fully develop everyone’s potential, in their professional and personal lives, by challenging them intellectually and supporting them emotionally when they need it.

We consider training to be a basic need and therefore we wish to make this system accessible to as many people as possible through a new paradigm. Thanks to technology, we’ve designed a solution that’s always available. Today equipped with group training intelligence provided by human supervisors equipped with technological processes, Waved It intends later and thanks to the many data that it will enrich, to develop the first training artificial intelligence that combines the best of humans and technology, at the service of the clients it trains.

this way, Waved Provides more qualitative, tailored and confidential support with unlimited knowledge. Because behind Wave, it is not the mind of a single expert, but a combination of the experience of several coaches serving a single client.

The technology/human experience alliance also allows us to provide unlimited personal training model, which is easy to give up freedom of expression, and its intelligence is constantly enriched by thousands of experiences, experiences, and feedback.

How did this idea come about?

FA: After I got my training certificate INSEAD, I myself have practiced as a professional coach for several years, with more than 200 CEOs and founders of world-famous startups and technology companies, in France, Europe and the United States. It was then that I realized the limits of professional training as it exists today. I wondered how we could help as many people as possible to take advantage of this opportunity, so that everyone could take full advantage of it, in their work and in their lives.

For the general public, the supply is difficult to access, expensive, and the training practice has not adapted at all to digitization, our current lifestyles, and the expectations of new generations. Rates are set per hour for a set number of sessions, must be followed at a set time and are superimposed on our schedules. Finally, many people find it difficult to open up directly to someone.

We have therefore envisioned a new training standard, equipped with the best expertise in the field but also with unprecedented capabilities to democratize access to this discipline.

What are Wave’s short-term goals?

FA: in the testing phase, Waved He has coached more than 500 CEOs and managers, 92% of whom said Wave had a positive impact on their careers. We have just launched publicly and can train clients all over the world.

We aim on the one hand at individuals, regardless of their professional role, but also at companies that want to provide their employees with continuous, tailored support that is very easy to set up.

Our form is directly accessible online, and we can quickly address thousands of users in several countries. In the long term, our goal is to train 1 billion people by 2050.

What is your business model?

FA: Here again, we have reinvented the economic model of apprenticeship. First, in order to adapt it to our habits and to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Waved Therefore, it is available as a subscription from 99 euros per month for unlimited use over 12 months. We also have corporate specific subscription offers.

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

FA: I didn’t choose it, but it became so of course! I’m creative at heart, I love the idea of ​​progress, and I believe that technology, when well thought out, can really serve people. Create Waved It was clear to me, at the crossroads of everything I love, which is coaching, entrepreneurship and technology. All of this is tied into a deep, unconditional desire to help develop something positive for this world and for everyone.

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