April 15 - Day of ecological knowledge

April 22 - Earth day

April 26 - Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster

April 29 - Day of planting trees

May 3 - The day of the sun

2016-07-29 | Local governance

Decentralisation and local governance is a basis for democracy. And responsibility of the community for surrounding environment is a basis for sustainable development. In the world delegation of powers to local level lead to incredible results and unique solutions for local problems. Exactly because of than CLEEN project works with grass-root NGOs that are aware about problems of their communities and settlements.

2016-07-29 | Public participation principles and tools

The only reason for the existence of local government is to improve the life of its community. This is best achieved when the community itself takes part in decisions, and shares responsibility. Unfortunately, average citizens are rarely interested in governance. Therefore, it becomes a tas for CSOs: they should participate in the decision-making processes themselves and, secondly, involve their fellow citizens.

2016-07-29 | Budget monitoring

Resources are needed to implement any ideas. In the context of local governance the budget is such a resource. The effectiveness of its use, in many ways, depends on the public's attention to the process of its allocation. Therefore, it’s important for an NGO to understand how budget is filled and spent and who controls budget money. This chapter of Module 3 is called to explain the basis of formation and expenditure of the budget.


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