2016-08-27 | Module 2: Energy auditing and energy efficiency measures

A key feature of energy efficiency projects is their return on investment. In contrast to usual repair works, for example, investment in energy efficiency projects is more likely to result in financial benefit. In order for this to happen sooner (or at the very least to achieve this), it is necessary to follow a few rules which will be discussed further in this document.

It is the conservation of energy, rather than access to resources that ensures energy security, as no source lasts indefinitely.

2016-03-31 | Module 2: Best practices for energiewende

Energy turnover, or how they call it in Germany - energiewende - is a dramatic change that happens in energy sector of world economy right now. It means transition from old fossil and unsustainable fuels towards renewable energy sources and clean energy sector. Germany is a way ahead of most of the world in terms of energy efficiency and use of renewables. Complex and deliberate measures were implemented both on political and technical levels to make energiewende happen. Overview of best practices from Germany are collected in this topic

2016-03-30 | Module 2: Climate change

A brief excursion into history helps understand why the amount of greenhouse gas emissions is so important and how it affects our planet for all time of its existence. You will learn about the causes of climate change and how it is proven by science. Also, about the consequences of climate change, and how the international community responds to this challenge. Most of the topics devoted to adaptation to climate change, the cost of adaptation measures and their scientific substantiation. Special attention is paid to the situation of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change in the region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA).

In addition, you will learn about the efforts of civil society in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia to affect the national climate policy, as well as local initiatives aimed at different aspects of the solution to climate change. At the end there is a short chapter on gender issues due to climate change.


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